29th October 2014

Coached by Maia

Tonight’s 10 consisted of Coach Maia, Louise, Sian, Feddi, Sally, Sarita, Dania, Natalie, Andreea and Shirley.

After we had triple threat passing drills, the natural progression was faking it!
Maia passed out points for good faking, which thrilled most of us, especially us youngsters of the team!
A excellent evening of good exercise, bad faking and triple threating!  Impressive ball action from Dania, for the black team and of course Sarita for the pinks.
Shirley’s nose had a tete to tete with the ball. I Jammed my thumb on a simple pass and Feddi exercised her ankle after being out of action for a few weeks,  Welcome back Fed!
Thank you Maia for your love and care to us all.
C U all next Wednesday


22nd October 2014

Coaches birthday!
Rhonda, Shirley, Sarita, Andrea and Natalie
Hard core game – not for the faint-hearted. Just when we Pinks (Sarita, Andrea and I) thought we had Rhonda locked down, she kept coming back for more (reminded me of one of The Terminator movies). I have to have a think about what movie Natalie’s game reminded me of – but some serious baskets !

Pleasantly knackered.

15 October 2014

Tonights Sixey girls were Andreea, Dania, Louise, Sian, Sarita and Shirley. Being Del’less we played a hard game of 1/2 court 3 on 3 with no suicides or stretching! LOVELY!

30 minutes in we were joined by two new players, Flipsey and Flopsey. Flipsey wore red and joined the pinks and Flopsey in blue on the black team.

It was a truly fun game. With our new players talking Spanish. Andreea understood every word, Apparently they said I was MILK! (Mother I’d like to f**k! WOOHOO!
Next week is Del’s Birthday and his 10th year of being our coach. So please all make a extra effort to make it. It would be good to make 10 for him.
Sian is getting his pressie! As she has great taste in cool Sweat shirts.


8th October 2014

The Pinkies were Sally, Louise and Shirley. The Blackies, Dania, Natalie and Andreea.

After under the basket shooting drills, we played a fantastic exhausting game of 3 on 3
My motor was running tonight and so was Dania’s. Andreea’s basket making exceeded itself. Ball’s going in without rhyme or reason.
Sally and Shirley graced us all with excellent shooting, Natalie too, though unfortunately she paid the price with a ball in the mouth. She left looking very sexy!
C U all Next Wednesday


1st October 2014

Tonights precious gems were Rhonda Diamond, Dania Ruby, Sian Emerald, Shirley Amethyst, Louise Sapphire and Golden Del.
A hard strong 3 on 3 game. With Suicides for the losers.  Dania was back and raring to go. Shirley was on fire. Rhonda all arms in defence, while Sian shot her way to the front. Del is always right. Me well that is for someone else to say.
Q T 

10 years with Coach Del! Hurray! Hurray! hip hip !