17 September 2014

Lauren, Sarita, Sain, Sally Shirley, Louise, Nancy, Andreea, Marta, Malinda played a 5 on 5 game.

Andreea wore Black and was on fire! She was scoring without even looking! So was Sally for us on the Pink team. Lauren lead the blacks, catching others rebounds and popping the ball in with ease. Sarita and I swopped sides, one minute pink the next black for me. Sarita excelled for both colours. I wish I could say the same, I evened up the colours.
Marta lead the Pinks to constant victory until she tripped over herself, Andreea and the ball. It was a worrying moment but miracle that she survived the fall without breaking anything. Thank god, as it was a mighty fall.


10th September 2014

Sarita, Sian Louise and Shirley played again Sally, Lauren, Andreea, and Natalie

The Nuts wore black and the Fruits were in pink. The pinks had a lovely pear and beautiful bunch of bananas on their sweet soft side.
While the Nutzs consisted of 2 cashews, a macadamia and a brazil. The nuts were hard but not impossible to crack. It was a terrific game of 4 aside. Fast and fun. Looking forward to next week to crack some more nuts while getting squished.
Breaking NEWS 2 Missing Bings! Rhonda and Prancer! Thought to have been Kidnapped. Last seen at little Venice Sports centre’s ladies changing room. Never seen again! 
Rhonda was wearing all black with a beautiful light coloured motorbike jacket. Prancer last seen naked.
Any information leading to their whereabouts please contact the BING POLICE.