27 August 2014

Tonight there were 8 Basketballers

Louise Sian, Malinda, Fedi Sally, Sarita, Shirley and Andreea
One the pink team there was Fedi. She played for us all. Louise Sian and Malinda looked on with jaws touching the floor! Super women!
Malinda gave us her best side shots while crossing the key. Sian’s game was mar’ed by Sarita’s fast Marking.
The black team there was ‘don’t mess with me Andreea’ ‘I’ve got the ball again Sarita’ ‘Sorry for Fouling you Shirley’ but Sally out shined us all with the last basket of the night.


20th August 2014

Tonights Badabings were 9

Sian (8 mins early) Louise, Lauren, Lisa, Natalie, Nancy, Andreea, Shirley, Sarita.

De ja Vu I was in a time warp. The write up was the same as last week.!!! PINKS LOOSE AGAIN!


Wearing Black were the Badabings and wearing Pink were the Winki Woos. Apart for one killer shot from Sian, 2 surprise dingers from me, The pinks were slaughtered for a 2nd Week running. When Lauren arrived our great rebounder I thought the pinks luck would change but still the blacks keeper getting them in.

On the black team Andreea was on fire.  Sartia was the rebound Queen.  Luckily i had my running shoes on and managed to pass Nancy who was marking me to a inch of my life. Lisa and Natalie were strong for the pinks but with no back up, as I missed basket after basket and Sian with new found butter fingers. Lauren pulled a muscle in her bottom while the men queued on the side to massage it for her.

It still was one of the best basketball nights of the year! And Charlie Agrees!




IMG_9886 IMG_9887 IMG_9888 IMG_9889

13 August 2014

Sorry for the brief de briefing last night. What really happened! BLACK SLAUGHTERED PINK. With 3 games of 1st to 10. the black won all 3. 

Andreea, Lauren and Nancy wore Black. With Lauren under the basket with all that height catching the rebounds, us pinks had little chance! The Pinks were Sian Louise and Natalie. There were moments of pink triumphs which stopped the blacks in there tracks, but on the whole the blacks were the winners of the night.
It was great fun, and a real work out for all.

13. August 2014

Lauren, Louise, Sian, Andreea, Nancy, Natalie played a three on three game of basketball. What a work-out for all! EXHAUSTING and Brilliant!

Can’t wait for next week!

6th August 2014

Maia’s Angels were

Fedi, Nancy, Louise, Sian, Shirley, Sarita, Lisa and Andreea.
Tonight we learnt to triple threat, square up, pivot, pass and shoot. To rebound our baskets. What a difference!
Then putting our new learnings into action we played a brilliant game of basketball.
Thanks Maia!
Loved every minute of tonight!
C U NEXT Wednesday
No Injuries!