30th July 2014

The Luckiest Bings were Louise, Sarita, Nancy, Shirley, Natalie and Andreea.  

Our Coach Maia took us through our paces. Teaching us triple threat moves. Pivot, jump stops and layups. New moves to improve our game. She called fouls and travels.
It was a funny brilliant evening. Watching each other trying to use our new skills. Learning what are fouls and what are not.
The truth ‘The Pink tops slaughter the Black tops’
The Pinks tops man of the match was Sarita. Getting every rebound. The Black tops Man of the match was Natalie. Not only for her basket making skills also for her moves and passes, against all odds.
C U Next Wednesday for more coaching from Maia.

24th July 2014

Tonight’s Pink Bings were Maia, Andrea and Natalie, with Sarita, Louise and Nancy for the Blacks (with some purple thrown in).
End to end stuff, with baskets coming thick and fast. Together we made some big shapes on a small court. Maia was working the passing triangles, Sarita got square to the basket, Louise was curving her cuts, Andrea only had eyes for the ball, Natalie was dancing inside the lines and Nancy was zig-zagging all over!
Del is off on his summer hols so next week’s session will be led by me/Maia.
I can’t hardly wait! Got a couple of ideas 🙂
I promise no lame lay up drills.
I’m excited to introduce a couple of small changes that I think will make a big difference.
So put down your plastic paddling pool and get your BadAssBing self to the court next Wed.
This one is going to be different.
Maia x


16th July 2014

Tonights Gorillas were Rhonda, Maia, Andreea Sarita and Lisa. The Wolves were Louise, Dania, Marta Delfina and Shirley.

From the Gorillas we had shoving and bashing and from the Wolves we had snarling and snatching. From Delfina we experienced stamping and sweating. All very good technics to get the ball.
It was a tight game, surprisingly equal but scary. I did not recognise my team mates. They were animals.
If we played like we did tonight when we played another team we would WIN without a shred of a doubt.


9th July 2014

Tonights Bings were the fabulous Louise ! the smashing Rhonda! the amazing Andreea! the marvellous Lauren! the beautiful Sian! the happy Natalie! the sparkling Shirley! the dynamic Dania! and the terrific Sarita!
We played a Excellent fast-hot -full court basketball game. A little ferocious at times but on the whole a wildly exciting!
The ball tonight had a mind of its own refusing to go in at times and then shocking us with a wild throw. Thank you Lauren for being on my team and being so tall! An amazing rebounder. Natalie manage to give us a blinder while her hubby watched on. Sarita, Andreea and Rhonda scored again and again for the porky pink pig team. While Shirley, Sian and Natalie knocked them up for the mysterious sexy Blacks.
The Pinks excelled themselves tonight with stealing the ball, while the blacks used ladylike skills like fouls to get theirs.
See you all next Wednesday
at 7pm sharp to burst through the door.

2nd July 2014

Tonights Bings were Andreea 8, Louise 30, Dania 15, Lisa, Shirley 6, Malinda 55, Fedi and Natalie.

Coach Maia, took us through major defence and attack drills. Which moved our game leaps and rebounds.
First we played half Court. Then when warmed up, full court.
On the black team Fedi showed her interception skills while Natalie showed that it was possible to run and look the wrong way but still make the most incredible basket.
On the pink team Lisa took position of fearless rebounder directly under the basket while Dania reclaimed her old nickname ‘the Bullet’
We all left red faced, hot, sweaty and smelly. Again a Bloody brilliant evening.
Thank you again Coach Maia for making it SO GREAT! 
Fed, Natalie and Lisa please remind me your numbers.