25 June 2014

Tonights 4 aside game was with 

Natalie, Louise, Andreea, Maia, Malinda, Fedi, Del and Shirley.
We played a slapping, travelling, stealing and cutting game, with moments of excellence and butterfingers. Dancing balls refusing to go in and others going in against all odds!
Would not have missed it for the world.
C U NEXT Wednesday for more fun and skill

18th June 2014

Our Coach Del, is raising money for Sports Leaders UK by taking part in 2014 British 10k London Run. Please sponsor him atwww.virginmoneygiving.com/DelroyHall

The Blacks team was Louise, Lauren, Fedi, Rhonda, Andreea, Verses The Pinks Sarita, Lisa, Shirley, Sian and Del.
Thank you God for putting me on the side of Lauren and Fedi!
It was a great game evenly spread. Welcome Lauren for joining the Bings and giving us some wonderful fruity baskets.
Del has a dry cleaning bill for Malinda for the no show! As he was not expecting to get his T shirt so sweaty.
The pitch was on the loud raunchy side tonight, with our coach held in some surprisingly unusual moves. A bash on the head and a arm and head lock.
A terrific night enjoyed by all!
photo 3 photo 2


12 June 2014

Our coach is raising money for Sports Leaders UK by taking part in 2014 British 10k London Run. Please sponsor me atwww.virginmoneygiving.com/DelroyHall

Shirley, Sally & Nancy
Andreea, Lisa & Del
The thing with six is you just don’t stop, so to me, to Del, to Shirley, to Lisa, to Nancy, to Andreea – honestly that water break just couldn’t come soon enough.
The game was fast, furious & resulted in some very red faces.  Nancy & me made a sandwich out of Lisa, at Shirley’s instruction, whilst she stuck to  Andreea like glue.  Despite our very best efforts the other team won, though Del’s maths isn’t as good as it used to be!  As we were not hanging in rags we ran our suicides at double time, backwards, begging for more, such a shame it was 20.00.
We would have missed you absent bings, but we were too busy trying to get that damn ball into the likkle basket.
CU next Wednesday xx


4 June 2014

This Wednesday’s BINGS were Marta, Dania, Louise Andreea, Shirley, Sally, Sarita and Lisa.

A Amazing game of 4 aside.

Whatever Andreea had for breakfast  I want some and I want some NOW!
Marta could not help herself. Ball-basket-ball-basket-ball!
Dania gave us some corkers and so did Sally. Sarita comfortably made basket after basket for the black team. Lisa left red in the face for being in the right place at the right time.
Shirley’s magic came in the second half.
My team set me up with some special baskets which I missed. Sorry girls. But I did 2 goodies.
Again I would not have miss the evening for the world.