23rd April 2014

A terrific night of Easter Baskets by
Sarita, Louise, Marta, Sian, Rhonda, Sally, Shirley, Andreea, and Dania.
A well matched game from the pesky blacks verses the pretty pinks. Del called all the rules! Fouls, travels and anything you can think of, If he could blow his whistle he did!
A brilliant night i would hate to miss. It felt good to be  getting it right.
I can’t wait for next weeks rumble in the jungle.
Baskets galore
C U Next Tuesday
Louise Says sorry to Andreea for bashing her shoulder twice.
Marta says thank you for fouling me you blackies and letting the pink side get massive advantage.

9th April 2014

6 Lovely BINGS Bing’ed it out on a exhausting 3 a side game!

Sarita, Maia, Louise, Dania, Marta and Andreea
It was a tough game, that did not let up for a solid 45mins.
We all left hot, sweaty and knackered!

2nd April 2014

Tonights match against st Charles. Final Score 27-40 to st Charles
Our hero’s were
Maia, Dania, Marta, Andreea, Shirley, Sally, Lisa, Malinda, Gillian, Malinda, Rhonda,and Louise
The first team out was Maia, Marta, Dania, Shirley and Rhonda. Then subbed by Andreea and Gillian. Followed by Malinda and Lisa and later with Louise. Giving Maia, Dania and Marta a rest.
Del played Maia, Dania and Marta to a inch of their lives! Well done girls. Next to exhaustion was Rhonda and Shirley.
The St Charles girls were young, fit and kind.
The Bings played their hearts out and so did St Charles. With the advantage of youth on St Charles’s side we the Bings managed to stay close in score till the last quarter when a knackered old team had their arse whipped.
The ref was tough throughout the game giving out travel, fouls and penally shots every 5 minutes.
The Bings were bewildered with most of them, even us girls watching on the bench had no idea why he was blowing his whistle.
I can only assume it was a calculated fix or just the love of blowing.
Are we improving? The last score to St Charles was 36-51 ? (anyone good with math can you work out the ratio?)
Maybe Walt Disney will help us get a better score next time?
The match looked something like this! Check out our triumphs!
See you next Wednesday
I’lll be there for sure,