26th March 2014

Thank you all! Yippee!

Sian, Rhonda, Dania, Nancy, Lisa, Fedi, Sarita, Marta and Shirley for my beautiful basketball bracelet! it is not only beautiful but tres elegant ! (just like me)
A great game had by all especially if you were in the team wearing black. It is the first time i have been on the wining team for weeks so i take that as another birthday treat! Thanks Del.
The pinks had great courage not giving up (like I normally do) and continued to fight through to the end. Well done it paid off as in the last 15 minutes as you scored and scored again..
Tonight’s Man of the Match was Dania! She gave us some incredible corkers in the first half. Then passed the gauntlet to Feddi for the final half.
If you want to play against Del’s student team next week Please pledge your name. So I can let him know by tomorrow.
We need a committed team of 10 to turn up in their Bing outfits. On time or even 5 mins early.
See you all next Wednesday
Ps i think i am now the oldest member of the team, if Jill still stays away.

19th March 2014

The MEN of the match were Sally, Andrea, Nancy, Sian, Dania, Sarita, Shirley, Rhonda, Fedi.
That leaves me Louise the only girl of the match, see picture below
QT Badabing

12 March 2014

Tonights 11 were Sian, Andreea, louise, Rhonda, Dania, Sarita, Fedi, Marta, Sally, Shirley and Margret

Excellent Job by all!

The kitty’s money the Black team put on at the bookies for the Pinks to win, paid off multifold.
We made a fortune tonight! The next trip to the pub is on me!
A special thank you to Del for putting the tallest and the strongest girls together all on one team, made all the difference to the bet (and he was wasn’t even in on hustle)
Thanks to the Blacks for keeping the secret, you did well passing the ball straight to their hands.  i.e. Sally (AKA Fedi) passing across the key straight to Marta was brilliant. The one that nearly gave the game away was when no member of the blacks failed to take the ball from their end. Even Rhonda wondered if it were a trick. I really thought our plan was toppled then.
3 Cheers to Paddy Power!
Welcome Margret to the team, we look forward to seeing you again, (Fedi can we get have her email address to add to the list.)

5th March 2014

Hot, strong and sweaty and we are not just talking about a cup of darjeeling.  Tonight was a great night where I really felt we played AMAZINGLY!!!! Seriously good drilling and then half an hour of intense action on court with some fab fakeys and boootiful baskets.

Request for Del – can we poss have drills until 720 and then play for 40 mins as we just luuurrrve to play a full on sweaty game.
See you all next week – i think we are defo getting better!