26 February 2014

We were few in numbers but made up for it in force.

Wicked half court game and Nancy was Bing of the Match – with non-stop baskets !
Sarita (Snitch to me)

Shirley (somewhat distracted by the eye-candy sitting on the bench)

19th February 2014

Sian Arrived at 7pm!


Sian, Rhonda, Louise Shirley Sarita, Sally, Nancy, Andreea, and Dania
Thank you all that remembered to bring your balls!
Coach Maia took us through some Offence and Defence drills. These were team drills. Giving us positions and moves to get free from the defenders.
I felt it really changed and charged our game, the cross movements opened up the court and allowed us to pass more easily.
My problem was i forgot to do the drill in the game. That makes me Dope of the match meanwhile Bing of the match for the Black bibs was definitely Sally.
The blacks won the cup this week.
C U Next Wednesday

12 February 2014

Louise, Rhonda, Fedi, Sarita Malinda played Gillian Sally, Shirley, Andrea, Dania,

Tonights game was lead by the fickle hand of fate. Changing winning sides at a whim! Us and them! Them and us.
The first half the pinks whipped arse, to fall against travel, and the 3 seconds in the key, giving the ball away to the blacks.
3 amazing baskets from Dania pushed the blacks in the lead.
4 incredible moves from Pink Fedi. Gave it back to the pinks.
Both sides fought with vengeance.
A thoroughly equal 2 sided game. Equalling brilliant FUN! Can’t wait to do it all again Next week.
Thank you DEL for all your hard work whipping us into shape.
To Celebrate Kitty’s 18th Birthday please all enjoy the attached Video!
You might recognise a few Badabing friends.
C U All next Wednesday.

5th February 2014

The amazing 9 that fought threw the tube strike!

Andrea, played with lutzs (louise) sheel (Shirley) , Sinnnn  (Sian) Roooo, (rhonda birthday girl) sllllll (sally) Malll (Malinda) Kaaaa (katerina) Feeee (Fedia) The names invented by Andreea.

The Pink verses the blacks. The pink were pinkus stinkers, and the blacks the blackus mackus.
It was a great game, really fun and Knackering due to a one on one full court drill before Sian arrived.
One more week before the new subs are due. New subs are due on the 19th February  which will take you to 7th May (remember that those that pay their subs in advance (a season) get 12 for the price of 10.
Sian thank you for paying early.
Fedi you owe for this week.