27th November 2013

Tonights 8 Were

Louise, Sally, Sital, Shirley verses Sarita, Andreea, Nancy, Gillian. Sian must have arrived so late this evening that no one even saw her. Sorry Sian we all left without saying goodbye!
Round 1 The blacks Scored. Round 2 the pinks scored, round 3 the blacks, 4 the Pinks, 5 the black, 6th the blacks, 7 the blacks, 8 the pinks, 9 the pinks, 10 the pinks 11 the pinks, 12 the Pinks, 13 the blacks, 14 the pinks, 15 the blacks, 16, 17, 18th, 19th and 20 the pinks!
I think we must have WON! A KNOCK OUT!
If you saw otherwise please don’t hesitate to put the boxing out ring right!
Well done Sital for your wild punch side basket.
Well done Shirley for sure shooting.
Well done Andreea and Sartia for shooting for the blacks.
Very badly done for crap shooting Louise

20th November 2013

Sian, Sally, Katerina, Louise, Sarita, Kitty, Maia and Andreea,

We arrived to ———drills from Del to improve our speed and marking. Those lucky ——– that were ———I envied. Before the game we had —– shooting drills that ——-away ————————Four—- girls against 4 ———game, again ……..why the —————— c—– it was a ———–e being —— up by the ———–other side. playing as ————- on it. The——– is catching as I ————–g others over. Really a ————– of playing. I ——- every moment of it. We were——- as they——– a stronger team. Shooting above ———————low passes——–, Del was————- laugh! Such a ——– i ——— week to play and it really ———challenging as we——– in a——————position. Not to mention ——— ———  bibs!
How was it for you? Please feel free to fill in the gaps!
I cannot wait to do it all again!
See you next Wednesday

13th November 2013

Tonights 11 pink and black fireworks were

Louise, Sally, Sital, Andreea and Shirley played Sarita, Nicole, Malinda, Lisa, Dania and Kitty.
A lively game of basket ball full of spark and intention with 2 new players ! HURRAY
Welcome Sital and Lisa.
Looking forward to doing it all again!
C U next Wednesday.

6th November 2013

Tonights 8 were

Sarita with a bad ankle, Louise with a bad back, Marta with her dickie elbow, Shirley with a missing eye for the basket, Katerina in full co-ordination, Andreea with a complaint, Sally with red blood rushing around her whole body and Dania with a knackered everything,

Tonight was a brilliant night of full court from the start. A lot of running. Good baskets from Marta, Katerina and Andreea.
I did not manage to get my hands on the ball that much tonight but i was not the only one that keep missing! make a gal feel better!
Other than 2 garrottes and bashed nose it was a injury free evening.
Can’t wait to do it all again next week
CU all next Wednesday