30 October 2013

Our 9 Ballet Ballers were Sarita, Louise, Katarina, Malinda, Maia, Nancy, Gillian, Shirley, Andreea.
Pink verses Black. Both sides taking it in turn to sub and Score!
Louise grabbed some great balls but failed to turn them in to baskets, Shirley lost her sure shot shooting, Maia excelled herself for the blacks. Andreea bounced to the key. Sarita grabbed the rebounds and turned them to baskets (hurray!) Malinda and Gillian made some blinding side baskets for both sides and a big welcome to the badabings Katerina you gave a brilliant debut  night scoring. We look forward to seeing you again next week
See you all next Wednesday
Looking forward to seeing Dania next week.
Work for Ket!
Hope your foot gets better Sian.
Sarita I hope your ankle and back gets better
Katerina and Maia hope your knee mends soon.
Louise hopes she can bend next week

23rd October 2013

Tonights 13 were
Louise on the bench, Sian on time, Tee our new girl, (welcome Tee!) Sarita rebound girl, Sally left the red girl, Marta top girl, Nicole fast girl, Andrea the knackered girl, Shirley the brown girl, Jenni the dark horse girl, Maia the tall girl, Gillian the cool girl and Malinda the happy girl.
As I sat enviously on the bench I was able to watch the game, and really see how we play as a team.
The game was faster and more exciting than I realised.
The teams were evenly matched but by the end of time the blacks had the lead.
So fill your boots you blacks as I the holder of the pink bibs intend to thrash your arses next week. That is if i get off the bench!
C U all next Wednesday especially Tee!
Check these out! Could be your Christmas calendar!
Last call for bibs to Gillian.
Happy birthday Coach. Good turn out!

16th October 2013

Tonight’s drillers were 12
6 on the court and six ghosters on the bench
Shirley Drill, Malinda Gliggler, Misser louise, Sally Wall, Gillian Glider and Nibble Nancy
We started the evening with 10 to none, then moved to a half court game. 30 mins later the fun started! Full court.
Long passes, fast running, and shirley Drill baskets.
Gillian gave us some blinders, Sally thrilled is with some corkers, Nancy surprised us with some wizers and Malinda some whiplash !
The ghosters looked on!
Sarita, Marta Maia, Bullit , stretch and rump.
CU all next Wednesday !
Dels birthday so let’s make it a goodie !


9th October 2013

What happened to kitty?  You were meant to be Team Black and we had to suffer with Coach Del-boy instead!!
Anyway somehow the blacks totally triumphed over the paltry pinks. Top cardio night of  8. Queen bee loulou missed sian arriving almost on time and finally nailed some bloody baskets. Pinks tried every trick in the book – including hand holding (Sideways Sally’s new D ploy) but to zippidty avail. Nicole was sprinter of the night – she flew from one end to the other with full on lay-ups. Bravo!!
News of the night was that Del had beads of sweat on his handsome brow … Whatever next!? He may even lose the jumper next week.
Bings rule now and 4ever
Sian the Stretch ages 14
Malinda,  Shirley, Andrea, Nicole, Sally, Sian, Nancy and Della

2nd October 2013

Tonights 11 Bings. 5 aside and one on the bench

Sian, Sally, Sarita, Nancy, Nicole, Jenn, Gillian, Rhonda, Louise, Maia, Shirley.
Welcome back Rhonda! Welcome Jenn! YAY to Nicole for becoming an regular.
The first half of the game the pinks were pussy whipped by the black team. We were all butter fingers and giving rubbish passes.
What were we to do ……PRAY? So I Prayed
My prayers were answered!
Goddess Isis channelled her energy in to Gillian! Gillian became lithe, sharp and agile. Watching her play was like listening to poetry!
I hail to Gillian Goddess of the basket. HAIL. We hail hail hail to Gillian and the golden ball!
C U Next Wednesday for more fun and shenanigans
7pm prompt.