31 JULY 2013

Tonight’s lucky 11 girls were Louise, Sarita, Andreea, Rhonda, Prancer Kitty,  Sian, Jill, Natalie, Dania, and Marta

We played a 5 on 5 game 1 sub with the amazing sexy talented, dream boat Patrick! our new coach for next two weeks!
Patrick took us through some running shooting, fast thinking drills, followed by more thinking fast shooting drills then a 5 on 5 exciting game that keep us all on top of the court!
Back of the net, Best of the season, Ready for….MORE!  More Patrick see you next week!
Jill arrived late and off with the 6 of us to the Summer house where we have the most fun evening of booze, food and 50 lengths stories .
Tune in girls for issue one.
C U N WEDNESDAY for more fun from Patrick and a length a week.
The basket was broken… who cares, it was facing lower so easier to shoot in. Andreea (new name Angreea) made more baskets than she had ever made! GENIUS! Player of the night!
Patrick remembered all of our names in minutes. WOW.. He certainly knows how to woo as BADABING, i am sign sealed delivered I’am yours!
Apologies from Natalie that could not make the restaurant. Shame Natalie, we were thinning of you. Gillian and Natalie get better soon.
Cake for Sarita, Marta, Dania, and Jill’s birthday’s from the bings, delicious thanks girls

24th July 2013

Tonights 15 Girls of the match were
Sarita, Marta, Louise Andreea, Maia, Shirley Rhonda Prancer, Kitty, Nicole, Jill, Nancy  Sally, Beth and Gillian.
We all played the most amazing game, despite the heat and Del whipping us to go faster!
Gillian’s defence was so good  she succeeded in making Andreea Angry!…… and we all love Andreea Angry.
Marta and Maia’s shooting was sublime. While not one rebound got passed Sarita.
We all left boiling, wet, red and exhausted !
I cannot wait to C U ALL NEXT WEDNESDAY to do this all over again…. and don’t forget next week is Supper at the summer house.
The table is booked for 9pm

17th July 2013

The hottest night of the year and the hottest strong game we have ever played.

10 Bings
Dania, Sarita, Maia, Shirley and Sian wore black Gillian, Rhonda, Louise, Marta and Del looked Delightful in Pink!
An amazing fast sharp hard game was played by all.
Blimey i hardly recognised the teams we played so well.
The blacks might have scored more baskets but no one was more pretty than Del in Pink.
C U All Next Wednesday
Apologies from Kitty, have a good holiday.
Sian too, see you in 2 weeks.
Sally have a great holiday.
Come on Andrea come back we miss you, you could have got really angry tonight!
Christie and Beth, would you like to be off the email list?
Come back Kendra!

10th July 2013

10 Party Animals played Basketball!

Marta, Brian, Prancer, Sarita, Louise, Rhonda, Maia, Sian, Gillian and Dania!
The pretty Pinks let Marta’s Black team win as it was her birthday! Next week we will be back to our usual speed and thrash your arses!
C U all next Week

3rd July 2013

Sally, Louise, Sarita and Banksie played the hottest knackering 2 aside game. BANKSIE blow all our minds by making a basket from behind! You had to be there to see it and believe it. This very clever show off’y move earned her the tittle of Queen Gillian of the match. I bow and hail to the new queen!

See you all next week for more fun and frolic!