26 June 2013

SHIRLEY, LOUISE, DANIA and DEL had the most brilliant knackering hot 2 aside game, learning how to block, pick and roll, shoot, layup, or laydown (in my case)

So looking forward to next week to do it all again!

C U N Wednesday

18th June 2013

hot hot hot!!!!

but brilliant fast furious game with the six pack of Dania, Shirley, Jill, Sarita, Sally and Sian.  Sally excelled herself at being really annoying at the BLOCK.  Dania was the layup champ.  Jill won the dead roach impression with legs akimbo and butt in the air – nice one Jill!  Great game – thanks to the Pinks
See you next weds BINGS – we are seriously getting better and it feels GOOD

12 June 2013

Fast, furious & a wee bit tiring.  We sped up & down that court.  Baskets on demand. Fabulous game, much improved team, top banana,

In the Black Corner: 

  1. In the Black Corner:

    1. Shirley
    2. Kitty
    3. Maia
    4. Sally
    5. Dania

    In the Pink Corner

    1. Banksie
    2. Sarita
    3. Nicole
    4. Andreea   : man of match for those sure shots
    5. Del

5th June 2013

Tonight I was the greatest! but so was Sian, Maia was the best! Sarita was amazing, Nancy was so out there! Every time always in the right place. Dania was so fast and sharp, Shirley couldn’t miss! Andreea so brilliant and happy (as in angry) Marta was incredible , Sally all I can say is wowzer you were on top form and Gillian so KWIK FIT!
The best basketball the night of the year!  Thanks everyone for such a good game.
The new season subs were due this evening, so to those that paid thank you, those that will pay next week please give to Shirley. Those that are going to pay via the internet please do it asa possible as I have to pay the court costs this week.
Cool Bing, drives home after great Wednesday game! Hello Summer!