24th April 2013

Now that is what I call a game! A brilliant night of fast basketball.
Sarita, Louise, Gillian, Jill, Sian, Rhonda, Maia, Sally, Andrea and Dania.

A Excellent Game. Excellent baskets. Excellent everything!
Get Ready for it….
We play a game in 2 weeks. Del needs a committed 12 Girls for the 8th May.
Please let us know who is playing.

C U N Wednesday

17th April 2013

Tonights 10 were

Kitty L, Sally Maia, Nancy, Sarita, Rhonda, Sian, Jill Louise and Andrea

Women of the match on the black team were Kitty and Andrea. Love your new style of shooting Andrea.
The pink team played very well, making baskets galore but they were no match for our wonder girl Kitty!
Thanks Kitty for making the 10
Thank you all for a great exhausting runaround.
C U all next Wednesday

10 April 2013

11 Bings took to the floor for a terrific game of BASKETBALL! The black team held the BING BASKETBALL LEGEND MAIA BRILLIANT BAKER.

Maia, Jill Gillian, Rhonda, Shirley, Sally, Sian, Kitty, Nancy, Louise and Andrea.

What a amazing game, of Running, Shooting and learning new skills No injuries! Thanks Maia, Thanks Del for a top night, so top i can hardly walk this morning, the muscles in my behind are shouting!
Maia Played basketball for England! and she is a BING!

3rd April 2013

1Louise, 3Sian, Sarita, Nancy, Jill, 4Gillian, Natalie, Andrea, 5Rhonda, 10Prancer, Shirley,

 After some shooting, running and weaving warm up’s we played a 5 aside full court game. Subbing a team member on the pinks.
Man of the match for the pinks was Sarita without a shred of a doubt. She moved like the Scarlett Pimpernel. She was here, there and everywhere!
Man of the match in Black was Sian. Catching every rebound and making hoops.
A TOP NIGHT with a tough Coach. A few delightful dance moves from Prancer as she made her basket, some ball grabbing from Jill and you won’t like me when i am angry from Andrea who showed us how to get through the mob by being light on her feet & straight to the basket and IN!
Looking forward to next week,
Excellent Jill coming back with your bag ankle. How are you Marta and your elbow?
Congratulations to Malinda who has had her baby and is promising to return.
Thank you all that have paid there subs. We are at last in the black. This season started 6th March till 29th May (Natalie asked)

Nancy did you get this? Let me know.