27th March 2013

Tonights BADAbings were Louise 1, Gillian 4, Rhonda 5, Andrea, Sian, Shirley, Sarita, Nancy. 
The men of the match and high scorers were Nancy, Sian, Sarita and Shirley. 
Running for ball in the face competition:- Sarita verses Rhonda. Sarita declared winner due to regular ball in the face attendance.
The first half of the evening was just a BLURR. The ball moving so fast on the small half court. My head spun. I have no idea who, what or which happened. Thank god for full court. Where my team the pretty pinks were able to loose with pride! 
Jill i hope your ankle is on the mend and you too Marta hows your elbow.
Jenny, Celeste, Christie, Carole, Iva, Leanne, and Radha, would you like off the basketball list? As we have not seen you for ages?

13th March 2013

B.Louise.1 P.Sarita, B.Sally, P.Andrea, P.Natalie.9 P.Gillian, B.KItty (mini Sally), B.Dania.15

 The pinks played exceptionally well, with fast quick passing technics and amazing basket skills. Using their bodies as decoys. Sarita the boxer’s punch bag and Andrea the bouncy castle, while Gillian snuck in as the side shooter.
The blacks on the other hand played the game in a much more relaxed way. Not even breaking a sweat. Hardly a basket to be seen, we were so cool.
Our best technic was using little Kitty as our super power mean machine. She even Scored for us!
I Declare Little Kitty my MAN of the Match!
C U all next Wednesday
Apologies i will not be there next week.QT
The coach has been paid and Sally has both sets of Bibs.

6th March 2013

Playing for the Blacks

Sure shot Nancy
The bullet Sarita
& Super Sally
Dancing Del

The Pinks – who wore their tops & looked like pros

Doh Shirley
Rumping Rhonda
Galloping Gillian
Agile Andrea

The blacks played fabulously, we were simply unstoppable, sorry but we were!  Though I did tire of all that running up and down chasing that likkle ball –

The Pinks were super unlucky as they looked & played like champions.  Some super shots from Gillian making her man of the pinks.

Sarita has to be man of the blacks as she was like lightening, defence & offence.

good game everyone,

Shirley is collecting money, new season is starting, so cash on the table ladies…. Nicole I  have your shorts & top,

27th February

It’s starting to get really serious, we are playing basketball ladies, there was a little bit of slapping (that was me on Sian/the ball obviously).

Sarita was absolutely everywhere, defence, offence, basket after basket, some sterling play by Kitty, who was also absolutely everywhere, defence, offence.  Great defence from Nancy & Jill.  Some excellent bringing up of the ball by Andrea.  Rhonda & Sian nailing those baskets & some cute dance moves & play by Prancer.

See you next week!  It’s fabulous ….


  1. Sian
  2. Kitty
  3. Andrea
  4. Jill
  5. Del


  1. Rhonda
  2. Prancer
  3. Nancy
  4. Sarita
  5. Sally