20th February 2013


Welcome to the team Christie!

The pinks were Louise, Gillian, Kitty and Christie. the Blacks were Rhonda, Sian, Sarita and Andrea (you won’t like me when i am angry)

Man of the match for the pinks was Gillian and for the Blacks was Sian. They were the basket makers.
Thanks Gillian for the new kits! Love them! Excellent!
I have 2 house kits if anyone needs to get a kit. Get in touch with me. £38 each.
C U Next Wednesday
I am away for the next 3 weeks.

13th February

Tonights Sparkling 14 BINGS were

Gillian Jill, Rhonda, Shirley, Sarita, Nancy, Andrea, Sally, Kitty, Dania, Natalie, Louise, Nicole. On the bench is Marta
We started the evening with keep fit drills followed by blocking and lay-up drills Then a 10 aside game, subbing as we played.
It was a well organised game on both sides with rubbish shooting.
It was a great game for exhausting exercise. We all left either with red corn-beef face or just plan sweaty all over.
It was good to feel hot on such a cold icy night.
YAY Gillian’s back. Hurray! Thank you for organising the kits.
Welcome Nancy, Andrea and Kitty for becoming top playing regulars.
We are one black bib short so if anyone finds one, bring it back!
Poor Shirley slipped on chalk left on the floor from the gymnastic’s before us. I hope your twisted ankle gets better soon. Shirley we will so miss you!
(I have spoken to the centre and they are going to talk to Mr Gymnastics as this can not happen again.)
Rhonda’s hand leaked blood due to a colision with a finger nail. Sorry Rhonda that also should not happened. Please all make sure your nails are short and Jewellery watches are all all removed before playing.
C U all Next Wednesday

6th February 2013

Ten girls a playing. One coach a watching.

There was bumping, even burping, running, drilling, double dribbling, jumping, grabbing, snatching, shooting, dropping, missing, blocking! Sounds like we are learning to play basketball!
Tonights 10 were
Dania, Rhonda, Jill, Shirley and Andrea wore Pink. The Blacks were Louise,Tyler, Sian, Sarita, Natalie. God seemed to favour the pinks tonight giving them magic baskets and unexpected throw ins. Over the course of the next week i will be selling my grandmothers soul for the same luck!
Shirley can you check if you have a pink bib in your bag as we are one down.
Natalie the Bank detail are 
The Badabings
Dania, just remembered I have ordered 2 extra kits in size medium just in case someone wanted one after the order. So if it is too late to order one more from Gillian. We have one in the kitty for you to buy.