30th January 2013

Playing for the Blacks : Dania, Sarita, Sally & Kitty
Playing for the Pinks: Shirley, Jill, Nancy & Rhonda then Savan

As I was on the Black team we definitely won, with a late surge from the the Pinks & some super baskets from Nancy.

The likkle ball is going to take some getting used to, that is my excuse, but the super drills really helped, diagonal follow, horizontal follow, we picked it up like pro’s (pro swimmers that is – new drills are so confusing, well done Dell for not giving up on us)

Top play everyone & all more or less on time – so 60 fabulous minutes of exercise

23 January 2013

Dania, Louise, Sally, Nancy Played Sarita, Jill, Kitty and Sian. 

The black teams shooting was a  little off kilter while the pink did very well! 
A good hours game of learning new skills. 
Gold medal for Sarita for playing with her 2 jammed fingers.
Sorry to hear about your accident Marta. I hope you mend soon. 
Shirley as I am away next week, can you take the bibs from Del home with you.
Malinda any news re your baby.

Apologies for next week

16th January 2013

Tonights 9 were

Louise, Sian, Dania, Sally V Jill, Rhonda, Shirley, Sarita and Nancy.
A brilliant game with proper drills to start. 
Shirley and Sally got the ball, Jill pulled Del, Nancy found her stamina, Sarita got a jam, Rhonda has lost her rump and found her barge. Dania left as a tomato and Sian a cool cucumber.
Thanks all of you for paying your subs to date.
C U All next Wednesday

9 12 13

10 girls for the new season played basket ball
Sartia, Sally, Nancy, Jill, Shirley V Andrea, Louise, sian, rhonda, Kitty,
Great Start for the new year!
We started with drills, where Del tried to teach old dogs new tricks, it was a comedy! Like the first episode of Dads army. Then we launched in to a 5 aside game. With our new training bibs of pink and black. First the blacks were winning then the Pinks. Then Sarita found her shooting arm and her shoulder of victory. The pinks whipped arse.
CUNWednesday for more comedy errors and some serious training!
Thanks all for paying their Subs.