The last game of the year had Santa’s Sartia, Sian, Shirley, Natalie, Dania and her Wonder-boy Savan (apparently a perfect match for wonder-girl Kitty!)

Though sadly I was not there the feed back was a fabby-dozey evening. Del loved his christmas foam finger courtesy of Sian’s trip to the states.
The next game is on the 9th January 2013
Del has new plans for the new year. Learning group tactics each week. So turn up on time and be part of team The Badabings!.
All Newcomers definitely welcome!
and to remind all that have not remembered to pay their Subs please either pay asap via the internet or cash/cheque on the 9th.
Have a great Christmas and New Year
C U All On 9th full of pudd and Stuffing
Gillian any news on our new suits? When will they be ready? So excited to be looking the part, even if i can not play it!


Post Match Report:

Well we turned up, the A team, dressed in rather fetching red dresses/bibs:
Marta, Sarita, Sean, Rhonda, Gillian, Shirley, Dania, Natalie, Andra & myself – with Jill to cheer us on & offer much needed medical assistance, should, no actually when, we were injured on the court.

The other team where much taller, considerably younger & did not have a no slapping policy.  They slapped the ball, our players & pretty much any thing they could.

It was a fast & furious game.  Extremely well played by the BINGS.  There was some excellent play by Marta, Sarita, Dania & Gillian – to name but a few.  Really competent good basketball.  Whilst we were constantly knocked, we did keep going back in.

In some ways, I like to think we we were the better team, but their defence, man to man, did overwhelm us & as their confidence grew there really was no stopping them.  It was a fantastic experience & such fun.

I think it left us all wanting more.  I say KILL the BABY PENGUINS next time.  So come practise BINGS & lets raise a glass to our couch & game, what a fantastic end to a super year.

Well played everyone.

Oh the other team, infantile birds, they sort of won ….

5th December 2012

After no basketball last week tonights game was a corker!

Louise, Dania, Sarita, Gillian and Andrea played Sally, Shirley, Jill, Marta and Rhonda. Our Subs were Kitty L and Poor Late Natalie

Thank you all for a great game! YAY!
Pink Girl of the match Marta and Black Girl Banksie!