21st November 2012

Sarita, Dania, Tyler, Andrea, Gillian, V Louise, Shirley, Natalie, Marta, Alexi, Sally.It was a Night of blood and Knashers! The Dark night was made of 2 teams. The Wolves and the Vampires.

The fashion of the evening was a sexy fat lip. Natalie’s was the biggest and most dramatic, catching the ball with her teeth. Coming in 2nd was Tyler another collision with that naughty ball. Cheaper than any filler I tried to come in 3rd by biting my own lip with fear of the Wolves or watching my own team the Vampires.

No basketball next week the 28th November. 

We play again on the 5th December and play the match with the Putney Pythons on the 12th December.

We need commitment to who is definitely in on for the 12th. We have only one week to train!
 See you all in a fortnight, when we should have our new training mesh bibs.
Thank you Gillian for organising the new kits. Looking forward to getting them. Have a great time in NYC
It is coming to the end of the Season again. It finishes December 12th (time flies) 
New season starts 19th December to 13th March (twelve weeks not counting Christmas week) (no basketball Boxing day, we are back on the 2nd Jan)
So get your money for the kitty together and for the Christmas drinks! (either the 12th after the game or 19th the last game of the year)
Remember you save 2 weeks money if you pay your seasons money up front.
Badabing a/c details for Gillian or anyone who want to pay their money up front every penny helps. The Badabings: sort code 30-96-40  A/C No. 0 1 9 0 9 4 7 0   
Thanks Shirley for the £10 to go towards the new bibs. Not necessary but very kind and generous.
Note the colour of this email is the colours of our new kit!

14th November 2012

Tonight’s 11 Heavenly Angels were Dania, Louise, Marta, Sally, Gillian, V Sarita, Shirley, Sian, Jill, Nicole, and Kitty.

ABSOLUTELY Brilliant performances from all. 
Girls of the match of the White team were Sian (4 shooting) Nicole (4 speed) and Sarita (4 rebounding). Gillian (4 shooting), Dania (4 running) Marta (4 rebounding/shooting/running) of the Black.

It was a exhilarating, exciting and even scary at times game of basketball. Lets keep it up! Can’t wait to do it all again next week.

Welcome back Sally, your shooting was amazing for a girl that have not played for 6-8 weeks
Welcome back Dania lets hope you can make every week! (especially the 12th)
Welcome back Nicole. Forget your family commitments and come and play with us every week (especially the 12th)

Thank you Daniel for standing in for Del. Thank you for calling all the rules and keeping the game fast.
C U all next week for sure.
Our Match with the Putney Pythons is the 12 December. Please let us know who is definitely playing that night.
We do not have many weeks before that to practice. So lets make the most of our hour. Definitely on next week 21st.
No basketball on the 28th November but back on for the following Wednesday 6th December.
Sally Reminder about the next ActiveWestminster Club Forum, taking place next Wednesday 21st November 2012 at Little Venice Sports Centre. i will meet you at 6pm for the meeting at the centre. Shirley if you would like to join us?

How are you doing Malinda? Hows the bump?

7th November 12

Tonights 8 Fireworks were
Sian, Andrea, Natalie and Sarita played Rhonda, Louise, Dania and Shirley
We all would like to welcome back Dania the Bullet to the team. It was great to have you back with us, we hope you will be able to make each week.
As Sian had to go early, no drills tonight. Straight into a full court game.
There was many a red face leaving at 8pm.
Excellent baskets from the Rump, some blinders from the Stretch and 4 top layups from the Bullet.
As usual a brilliant fun night.
C U all next Wednesday
Thanks Natalie, you are now paid in full for this season.

Thank you Sarita for your £5 insurance money.

Andrea you forgot to tell me? (tell me)
Dania we will look forward to seeing you next week and getting Bernie (the shooting star) to watch on the side, (maybe she can score for us)
Reminder to all there is no basketball on 28th November due to the centre taking the week back. We definitely on for the next 2 weeks. 
Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street, 
London W2 1ND

31. October 2012

Fast and furious REDS v BLACKS tonight.  Learning lots about fouls, sneaky lay-ups (ooooh Marta!!), and a lorra lorra larfs.  Some excellent baskets by everyone and Phantom was in TOP FORM.
So, in true Brucey Styel …. good game, good game. And let’s start aiming at the big prize.  We are defo building up a FIERCE team for those Panthers next month.
I believe the match date is 12th December – and we will follow this match with CHRISTMAS DRINKS !!!   HURRAH!!!
So, make sure you have this special date in your diaries, Bings, and SEE you next Wednesday for training!!!

Sian the Stretch xxx