24 October 2012

Louise, Jill, Sian, Gilliam, Shirley verses Andrea, Rhonda, Sarita, Natalie and Kitty.

If we were counting baskets the white team clearly won, with Gillian’s under the basket moves and my couple of surprisers! Then there was Shirley’s big bomb! With Sian coming in from the side and how could we loose with Jill on defence.
The Black team could easily argue the winning point with the couple of baskets from Andrea. A bloody stunner from Kitty. Then there was Rhonda’s Rumpy Pumpy layups. Natalie’s surprise basket which she made without even looking! Sarita’s constant rebounding and many baskets.
Thanks for all your support on singing Happy Birthday to Del. Thanks Sian for getting the brilliant T Shirt and moustache straws.

17th October 2012

The white team Jill, Sian, Natalie and Della Verses the black team Louise, Andrea, Rhonda and Sarita.

They might have been wearing white but they played like swirling devils! While the Blacks looked fierce but played like professional angels (until the last minute, apologies Jill)

A Request for less judo moves while playing basketball has come from Andrea
A Request for drinks after play has come from Natalie.
A Request for Subs has come from Louise
A Request for cool bibs has come from Gillian
A request for good attendance if we are getting a team together to play the baby penguins next month.
All valid points i think.
C U Next Tuesday
Shirley, Prancer and Kitty were missed this week see you next.
Shelley, Leanne, Georgie, Jenny, Geraldine, Miriam, Malinda (hows the baby coming along) and Dania let me know if you want off the mail out list.

10.10 12

Andrea, Louise, Sian, Iva & Del played Jill, Gilliam, Shirley, Sarita & Natalie
Blacks veres Whites.
The whites played a good game making more baskets but the prettier girls all wore black!
We have the chance to play a new team. Are you up for it?
Let us know and lets get our team together.
Important Date for your diary – no basketball 28th November 2012. There is a event at the centre on that Wednesday.
The New Season is 26th September to December 12th (not counting 28th Nov)
Subs are due now you can pay either by cash cheque or internet
Full Subs paid in advance gives you 12 for the price of 10 £75 +£10 (£10 once a year one off payment liability) = £85
Concessions 12 for 10 = £50 +£10 = £60 (£10 once a year one off payment liability)
or Full fee £7.50 per week or Concessions £5 per week. Under 18’s or OAP players £25 for 12 weeks
Louise £75 + 10 for liability paid internet

Shirley £75 +10 for liability paid cash

Rhonda £75 +£10 libility paid internet

Sian  £75 + £10 liability owes

Tyler £25 (under aged rate)

Jill owes £75 plus £10 (full rate)

Iva paid £10

Andrea paid £10

Natalie £30 owes £55

Sarita owes £5 for (10.10.12)

Gillian owes £22.50

Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street,
London W2 1ND


Tonight’s stars were

Rhonda, Tyler, Jill, Shirley, Andrea and Del

Fast and furious – with only enough time to pause for Tyler’s victory dance following every basket, working on mine this week.
£5 from Andreea
See you next Wednesday