19th September 2012

Rhonda, Tyler, Louise, Sarita, Della verses Sian, Gillian, Marion, Shirley, Brianna, The black bibs verses the white. The white team might have taken the gold but the blacks came second with the silver!

Girl of the match was Gillian. The white feeder was Brianna with excellent sweat less rebounding, the black feeder Della.
Best prancer and dancer Tyler! Best mother and black shooter Rhonda! The nights worst shooter Louise. Best snatcher Sian, equal snatcher Gillian. Best behaved team member Sarita! Best new comer Marion! welcome!

Next week is Yom Kippur so there will be a lack of Jews. It will be gentile week. So be sure to make up the numbers. Don’t let Jesus of died for nothing or us loose the court.
Please join Del, Sian, Sarita, Beth, Kitty, Tom, Andrea, Marta, Gillian for more basketball fun.

Next week is the end of season sub-week. Those that can pay via the internet, please pay as soon as possible as i need to pay the court.  Also add an extra £10 to cover the liability insurance. Concessions and miners a extra £5
The details are:-
The Badabings
30-96-40 sort code 
0 1 9 0 9 4 7 0  A/c no. 
Fees are 
Badabings £75 for 12 weeks
Concessions £50 (those on low income) for 12 weeks
Under 20’s of £25 for 12 weeks.
Those who want to pay cash, hold on to your dosh till the following week when Shirley will be back to collect the subs. 
I am away for the next 2 weeks. 
C U All each and every Wednesday

Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street,
London W2 1ND

12th September 2012

Tonights special 13 were

Louise, Sarita, Shirley, Tyler, Jill, Beth and Sally wore Black, Sian, Natalie, Iva, Gillian, Kitty and Avi wore White

Tonights Badabing traits
Black butterfingers Tyler          V    White Butterfingers Natalie
Black bounder Sally                V     White bounder Gillian

Black sniper Shirley/Jill           V     White sniper Kitty
Black magic scorer Sarita        V    White magic scorer Sian
Black mover and shaker Tyler  V    White mover and shaker Iva
Black newcomer Beth               V     White newcomer Avi
Worst and only injury of the night Sally and her ankle. Keep us updated.
Great game everyone. Great turnout. Lets do the same again
See you all next Wednesday
Tyler can we have Avi’s email address
Sian can we have Beth’s,
Welcome back Dania the Bullet! Hurray!
Gillian show me the link for the bibs (and we can see what we can do)

5th September 2012

We had 10 and one on the side!

Thanks everyone for the most fun game! 5 aside it was fantastic!
Team Black: Louise, Prancer, Sally, Iva, Shirley verses Team White: Sian, Rhonda, Jill, Gillian, Kitty and Mary on the side wearing her white bib!
C U Next week for more fun.
September is here and we need to keep the numbers up to keep the court.
New season starts 26th September and will run for 12 weeks to 12th December
Remember if you want 12 for 10 pay your subs up front week.
Special thanks to Rhonda for inviting the LVSC to watch. Genius idea.
I am sure it will help.
Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street,
London W2 1ND

29th August 2012

Tonight was Basketball at it’s best! 

A 3 aside game.

The Girls of the match were 
Gillian, Jill and Sian V Louise, Sarita, and Dellarina

It was an Top, Excellent, Brilliant, Enthusiastic Sweaty game of half court. 
We all left exhausted, red faced and content. 
I can’t wait for next week,
C U all next week
Late apologies
Shirley and Kitty

Badabings Owe shirley £25

Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street,
London W2 1ND

15th August 2012

Tonights 4 musketeers and their 3 imaginary friends were Shirley, Louise, Andreea, Sian, Misstree, Absense and Wherethefuckru!
A great hot knackering game of half court was played.
After some personal shooting tuition for Andreea, who then never missed! Shirley Sureshot, Sian-it’s-the-basket and Louise I cannot believe you missed again, it was a fast exciting high scoring game.
It is very important that we make the numbers up over these next few weeks so please help us by making extra effort to come next wednesday, whoever you bring is free till September otherwise we loose our court.
C U Next Wednesday

8th August 2012

Marta, Sarita, Kitty, Louise and Jill played Shelley, Radha, Andrea, Carolina, Sian and Tom,

Eleven Top London Athletes played basketball tonight for the GOLD SILVER & BRONZE MEDALS

The Blue teams medals Gold and Silver goes to Marta and Kitty. The Bronze to Jill.
Please stand for the Spanish National Anthem. (courtesy of our captain Marta)
The Red Teams Medals Gold and Silvego to Sian and Tom and the Bronze to Radha.
Please stand for the National Anthem of Bohemian Rhapsody, For the Full head British bang.
It was hot, it was tough, it was exhaustingly brilliant. Excellent game played by all, hearts pumping. Especially the new girls, Shelley, Kitty and Andrea

Apologies from Sally and Kitty 2
Remember all friends and family play for free till September, bring them along to keep the summer numbers up.
Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street, 
London W2 1ND
£5 P/W concessions £7.50 P/W full membership

1st August 2012

A brilliant hot sweaty night of the best basketball EEVVVEERR!

With a excellent turnout of 5 aside.
10 nice girls turned up and 10 red tomatoes left at 8pm
Shirley, Louise, Sarita, Nicole and Anna played Sian, Natalie, Marta, Gerry and Georgie.
After the horrible suicide, layup drills, we warmed up with the side baskets, moving on to half court and finishing with the best exhausting full court. 
A Brilliant workout.
Must have lost a good few pounds tonight,
C U all next Wednesday for more hot, tight, fun exercise!
See you all on Friday at the Olympic Park for the ladies basketball game. Canada v Brazil (?) It starts at 2.30pm. We should aim to get there 2 1/2 hrs before hand to meet up and get through security. Bring your mobiles to make sure we can all link up.
Natalie we need your mobile number.
RHONDA, I have heard that you are still away on Friday. Can Shirley have your ticket? She was gutted when Del said that they had all gone. 

Team BADABINGS: As we are light over the summer months we are having a special offer that if you have any friends that would like to join us, it is free from July to September. Daughters and friends all welcome.
Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street,
London W2 1ND

25th July 2012

Tonights Musketeers were Hannah, Jill, Louise and Sarita,

After the usual drill of suicides and layups we played 2 sets of 2 on 2

One minute Jill and Hannah were winning and then before you could say BASKET Sarita and Louise whipped their butts! YAY!
It was the best fun I have had since last weeks game.
Welcome to the fold Hannah, really good to have you in the team. You play like a real Basketball player not as most of us ‘X Mrs Netball’
I look forward to our rematch
C U all next Wednesday

18th July 2012

Sally (aka shirleysureshot) Cody (spiderman 2),Tyler (the Reindeer) (aka. prancer the dancer) and Del (spidiman1), played Rhonda (the rump), Kitty (The comet or shooting star? please vote for which name you think more suitable) Natalie (the fisheye) and Louise (the QT)

We played a brilliant fun game of basketball!
Tonight’s Totty of the match was definitely Kitty. Kitty the brave!
Well done to Cody, Kitty and Tyler All 3 chips off the old blocks!
While the summer months are slack due to holidays, please feel free to bring your chip off the block to help make up the numbers (no fees apply)
See you next week. 
Enormous grateful amazing thanks to Del the hero Coach for the Olympic tickets to the basketball game at the Olympic village on the 3rd August. The BADABINGS will ride together. So amazing we are going!
See you next Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, play basketball
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street, 
London W2 1ND

11th July 2012

Rhonda, Tyler v Louise, Sally. Louise Tyler v Sally Rhonda. Sally, Tyler v Louise, Rhonda. 

Played 4 brilliant games of 10 to one.
Welcome Tyler, it was great to have you along. A chip off the old block!
It is the summer season when everyone goes on their hols so to keep the numbers up bring your mates or even your daughters!
NO commitment….. just play!
See you next Wednesday


5th July 2012

A night of Fireworks!

We spent the first 23 minutes filling in our Westminster active mark registration forms, with one Pen!
With no Del this week and a no show from Daniel. I would like to suggest MARTA is our new assistant coach.
Rhonda, Shirley and Natalie played Louise, Sian and Jill
It was a fiery game of full court which all 6 of us came out knackered hot and sweaty! Though i have to say there were some shocking wild animal moves! As us demure ladies let off steam!
C U N Wednesday

27th June 2012

New season  27th June -19th September 12 weeks
The first week of the new Summer season.
Sarita, Louise and Del played Sian, Sally and Shirley
A brilliant full court game of 3 aside.
My new idol Sarita-Darling got every rebound and made nearly every basket on my team, though i did make 4 or was it 5 hoops.
The other team however made their own share of good shots. We had some Shirley corkers, some Sally slingers and some Sian badabadabing shots!
As usual i wouldn’t miss it for the world and I have to wait another week before I can do it again!
look forward to C’ing U all next Wednesday for another hot and sweaty workout!
basketball team are you in ?

20th June 2012

Radha, Jill, Sarita, Shirley V  Sian Rhonda Louise and Sally
A brilliant fast game of full court basketball. Where did the hour go! The time flew.
One minute we were wining and then they were but then we were! They were!
Girl of the match was spider arms Radha! Blimey have to remember her wing span.
This is the last week of the season so please bring your subs next Wednesday.
I forgot to collect from Sarita and Radha. Please remind me next week girls.
Dont forget to check out the Badabing face book page and comment.
Your picture is on it!
See how pretty you were when you were young!

9th April 2012

The 9th Week of the season

8 girls came to basketball. 8 girls left exhausted, exhilarated and damn right proud to be a Bing!
After 2 suicides and 1 x 10 to 1 we played a 45 minute game of full court at a pace the Badabings had never played before. Thanks you Coach Del for pushing us.
The dark team Radha, Rhonda, Shirley and Sally verses the unwashed greys Sarita, Louise Jill and Marta
We had amazing passing, rebounding & baskets from Marta, Rhonda and Sarita. Incredible solid defending from Jill and Sally. Amazing attacking from Radha and Rhonda, jaw dropping Shooting from Shirley, Sarita and Marta and loads of showing off and screaming from me for no reason at all! I was just having a lovely time!
C U All next week
Welcome to the group Radha! it is a joy to have you with us
The Bad news, it has flown by again. Next week is the last week of the season (April 11 till June 20th)
So we will need your subs the week after next.
The good news; we are pushing the 10 week season to 12 weeks as a thank you for your loyalty and regular paying attendance that has allowed us to get on top of ourselves financially. So those that pay up front will get 12 for 10! YAY!
New season will run from 27 June -12th September (12 weeks) £75 for 3 months. concessions £50

6 June 2012

Was it Shirleeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Rhondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or Rardaaaaa

that made the baskets
I think it was Saritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and jilllllllllllllie,
it wasn’t Louise but nearly, as i made about 3 instead of my team players that made a thousand!
Louise, Sian, Shirley and Jill played in white against Sarita, Rhonda and Rarda who played in Blue
Welcome Rarda, a fabulous new member of the group! fabulous to have you on board.
It was a fantastic bloody fun game without Del with no drills just a full court game of an amazing workout!
C U next week
Where is the flame! looking forward to meet you
JIll some how i left with out Rarda’s email address can you get it for me for the list

30 May 2012

We played the tastiest sandwich in west London!

In the Black team Sarita was our Pastrami, Louise the Relish and Jill the Rye, squashing the fillings with brilliant defence. The mixed team had Shirley as their Chicken breast shooter, Sally the hot mustard surprise and Del the Dough rebounder.

See you next week for the best workout in town!
Good to be back,