8th May 2019

To celebrate the Royal birth of Archie Harrison, we were honoured to have Queen Josephine the First in charge of the court. After warm up drills, weaves and curtsies 2 royal teams were formed.
The House of Mountbatten 5 in Green Nancy, Laurie, Sarita, Sally, Feddi Versus
The house of Windsor the 6 in Red, Shirley, Gill, Andreea Lisa, Rhonda Tulay. There was always a lady in waiting for the red.
The jump started the game, Lisa V Sarita. Hooray it’s a boy! Red Princess Shirl scored. The game was fast with strong secruity on both sides, neither house getting a clear shot of the new born. This Orb had a mind of its own. At last a majestic basket from the Duchess of Andreea 2-0. Reine Feddi got a fast break 2-1, followed by 2 bundles of joy form Lady Sally, 3-2 American Rhonda later known as Duchess of Windsor made it 4-2. At 19.37 a new Member of the realm came to see the arrival. His name Kywan (pronounced  Keywon) Aka Coach K. There was a lot of gas and air on the court, Queen Josephine ordered the subjects to run a suicide or face the Roth of her Regina. A Pregnant pause as the ladies waters broke-break. Fedi scored twice bringing the score to 6, Rhonda got the Royal Reds to 4. Sarita using her coat of arms got the Moses basket taking the game to 7-4. Game 2 Nancy pushed the baby out this was equalised by the Duchess of Andreea, at 8pm Shirley scored from the free throw line. Making a Red win. All maternity leave for the Baby shower. C U ALL NEXT Wednesday

1st May 2019

Bird song.

The birds were gathered on the court by 7pm. Sally took the rook with lay ups followed by weaving drills. At 7.16  Mother Loo-hen took pen to paper making 2 teams. The game began.
The Orange Ostriches, Nancy, Sally, Jenny, Andreea, Feddi and Tulay. Versus the Emu’s in Green Shirley, Laurie, Ak, Lisa, Gill. Ak won the jump but the Orange were first to score. Gill flew in and equalled the score. Like homing pigeons the orange took the ball to the nest 6-3. The Green Parakeets slowly caught up bill to bill 6-6 Squawk Squawk  Laurie made it 7! Water break. The Orange were subbing, Jenny first then Tulay.
Game bird 2. The pheasant pace was getting faster, feathers were flying, the green Emu’s took the lead. Birds of a feather stick together Andreea and French hen Fadi made a draw 6-6 Lisa robin-the-ball made it 7. Game to the green. The Cuckoo clock struck 7.41 as Flamingo-Jo strutted by taking control of the Roost.
Game 3 began. Ak was fowled and took 2 from the free throw. Both eggs in one basket. Ak was going for a song as she received another free throw. 8pm hot and sweaty we all and left the rotisserie.
There was a twitter outside in the wings and a little dickie bird said see you next Wednesday.

24th April 2019

Britains got talent! After warm-ups with weaves + layups practice Coach Josephine Cowell got the girls into 3 teams. Amanda Holden-balls in Black (Sally, Gill, Lisa Fedi) Unlesh the Dixon’s in Blue (Nancy Rhonda, Laurie, Shirley, AK) and David Walslam’s in Purple (Tulay, Andreea, Sarita, Dania, Jenny)  The knockout auditions decided who played first.
Black V Blue to start. Lisa and AK took to the stage with a Jump ball. 3-0 to the Blues. The 2nd act was singing duo featuring SueBo V Paul Potts. Blues buzzer was sounded and Purple-Jenny took 2 from the free throw line. The 3rd Act of Magicians Blue v Black, Jo was in for Blacks, then she wasn’t. 4th Act comedians, oh how I laugh, as the balls went in one after another, Sally 2, Dania1, Andreea 1 and Gill 1. Blacks won triumphant. 5th act was won by the Blue contortionists. 6th to Purple Cheer leaders. 7th to the Blacks brass band. Act 8. The golden Buzzer France’s got talent! Fadi’s basket blew us all away, happy birthday Fedi. 9th game went to the Blue girl band oooh! Act 10 the teams were getting tired. Blue versus Purple. The golden Buzzer sounded AMERICA’S got talent Rhondy got both baskets, Ant and Deck from the free throw! The teams changed Black V Blue. Fedi did a disappearing act, all what was left off her was 2 balls and a bib.
C U N Wednesday!
P.s Fedi your balls are Nancy’s car.

17th April 2019

Our Coach who aren’t in court, hallowed be her name. Thy rules be done, as if we were in heaven.
Our weekly bread. Let us play.
2 teams In Blue, Le Frere Jacques from Notre Dame (AK, Laurie, Tulay and Nancy) versus the Reds, The Londons Burning, St Pauls, ( Sally, Louise, Shirley and Gilly)
Reds started with the ball and were first to score. The Notre dames flames ignited and scored engulfing the court with rebounds and baskets. The reds fetched the engines and screamed ‘fire fire’ Londons burning and needed to pour in a water break. Refreshed, the Reds were first to score then within a minute Ding Ding dong the Blues were in the lead again.
The Reds passed fast but the long arms of Notre Ak-dame got the ball and like a easter egg resurrected another basket. Saint Teresatulay scored a beautiful relic followed by a miracle from Avelauria. Sally the Apostle scored and defended like a demon. Firefighter Shirley scored some wonders. At 7.57pm Pope Louis left the court with a broken finger for remembrance. 8pm on the dot the Spire fell and the game was brought to a close.
The collection box to collect the subs to fund this church will pass around reminding those to pay who have not paid For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen

10th April 2019

10th April 2019
Reasons to be cheerful!
Blacks – Sarita, Sally, Dania & Gilly verses the Pinks AK, Shirley & Nancy (with the occasional hand of God/Jo).
Pinks were outstanding & smashed basket after basket, so Blacks upped their game and started to pass and pass again. Despite AK (man of match) being both fabulous on offence and defence the Blacks started to take the lead.
Coach Jo guided play & managed to instruct and get the basket of the match from afar.
A brilliant work out everyone – & don’t forget to pay your subs.
The Lion

3rd April 2019

Two Teams Go To War !

The Blacks, Akansha, Dania, Gilly, Shirley & Tulay against the Purples Lisa, Sarita, Fedi, Sally & Andrea. Coach Jo was quick to call foul & kept the game moving fairly & with consequences.

Purples narrowly won both games but interestingly Akanksha & Dania from the blacks were ‘man of match’ for their sterling play tonight.

Great game everyone.

27th March 2018

Its my birthday and I’ll sit on the side if I want too…you would sit too, if it happened to you!
Louise wore her birthday suit. Two teams, Let the party begin.
the Pink Nibletts, Rhonda, Shirley, Nancy, Tulay, Laurie, versus the Blacks balloons. Sally, Rave, Gilly Andreea and Agancha . Rhonda won the jump but no-one scored. The ball floated from one end to another, First to score was Nancy.
Pass the ball said Coach Jo, it’s quicker. Pass the parcel said Sally drawing the score to 1-1 all. Shirley scored for the Pinks.  May-Rave took possession and got the party started. 19.35 Ding Dong! A gate crasher! Agancha. Now the Party started to rock!  Gill scored 3 jellies, Sally 5 crumpets. Shirley 2 party sausages, 2 jammy dodgers from a Laurie. Rhonda drank her fizzy soda and the pinks were in the lead. Agancha got into the party spirit scoring 8 baskets! The blacks were now steaming ahead feeding Agancha’s appetite.  At 8pm the Party pooppers set off the fire alarm, the score 9-20 to the Blacks.
Thank you girls for the fabulous cake, card, booze, flowers and POPPERS. ! I will be back in 2 weeks!

20 March 2019

Spring has sprung and the gym was hot.  2 Teams 4 x 4

Pinks :Sarita, Nancy, Gilly, Shirley V Blacks : Andreea, Tulay, Laurie Sally.

Thanks Josephine for the passing drills.  Fierce games.

13th March 2019

It was nearly a full house – we missed you Sian but the mighty Jo stepped in, she has both long arms & legs & is a formidable player & coach, who we all love and respect .

So the pretty pinks were, Sarita, Laurie, Tulay (the lips) & Shirley with a little help from Jo, who took on the mighty blacks, Nancy, Andrea, Gilly, Dania & Sally.  We learnt how to mark/move in the key, as though one. First man to man then zones,

I think the blacks won both games but only by a whisker and I could be corrected? Nancy & Sarita were super attackers & defenders & get the players of the match. Fabulous game everyone.

6th March 2019

It’s getting close to Red Nose Day and the fund raising has just started! Warm up and comedy stand-up drills set the tone. 2 teams The Black humour : Shirley Lisa Sally Nancy versus Purple Burst a blood vessels: Sarita Dania, Andreea, Laurie and Tulay. Hilarity started the Jump tallest and Shortest Lisa V Dania. The Black took the fast break but failed to score. Sarita’s comedy timing caught the rebound and with new matching leggings made the first basket. ‘Does that make sense said Coach Josephine’ as she joined the game ‘No sense’ said empire Louise wearing a fez sitting on the side. Glass Bottle, bottle glass. Nancy took a fast break, passed to shirley 1-1. Josephine was out, Josephine was in. Bottle glass. Laurie put on a red nose making the score 2-1. Sarita made it 3-1. Lisa Scores to the cost of a jammed finger. Sarita made it Four Candles 4-2. then 5-2. Shirley squirts a flower its 5-3. Sally is on fire jumping hoops rebounds to Nancy’s running gag, the black are strong but fail to score. Andreea laughs its 6-3. The Blacks break a smile for Shirley 6-4. Andreea pulls out a bunch of flowers 7-4. 1st game over. Game 2. Sally scores. Josephine run backwards keeping her eyes on the ball. Lisa chuckles 3. Nancy added one 5-0. Laurie turns over the ball, sponsors Andreea and the purples are back in the game. Dania 2 fancy layups. The score now 8-4 to Black. Sarita was exhausted from her walk up Kilimanjaro and sat out. Water break new game. Dania takes a minute. Sarita’s back with new vigour. Jo calls fouls, Sally got 1of 2 to come from the free throw comedy line. Ending the magnificent game with a draw.
A record fund raiser of baskets scored by all.

27th February 2019

Top game after a new drill  – the independents (blacks) Lisa, Andrea, Dania, Laurie & Sally against the superstars (pinks) Sarita, Shirley, Sensational Gilly & Super Tulay, it was a thoroughly exhausting game, chasing that ball up & down the court, passing, faking, running. Potty mouth Shirley was told firmly off for being a gobshite –  Ho Ho. There is a new rule of no swearing, so be warned. The pinks narrowly won due to some top baskets by Gilly & Shirley.

Fabulous game everyone!

20 February 2019

Well!! They say it ain’t over til the grey lady sings. And that’s for sure with the Bings
Blacks Sian, Rhonda, Laurie and Sarita vs Pinks Fadi, Shirley Andreea – a splinter group of 4 on 3. Ridiculous drill at the beginning that ed Stretch . But soon we were bobbing and weaving; open the gate, shut the gate and the game started.
Was wearing double thick leggings so sweating a good ‘un (style over function – must learn).
Excellent shooting from all sides. Was going to do a whole QB on the new independent party but have now had a and lost the mo. COME BACK LOULOU!
Great game all – see you next Wednesday xx


13th February 2019

T’was the eve of Valentines day and love was in the air. Coach Cupid Josephine showed the lovers how to shoot their arrows. followed by smooching warm ups, and a 3’s a crowd weaving. The Lovers in purple (Sarita, Dania, Laurie and Rhonda) and The fighters in Black (Sally, Lisa, Tulay and Shirley)
Sarita Valentined Lisa for the jump. The ball rocked both ends until Shirley took a direct arrow into the net. Laurie was the first to score for the purples bringing the score to 3-1 Love struck Trulay Madly deeply as she bought the score to 4-1. Lisa broke another heart making it 5-1 Dania took purple control changing the score to 5-2. Sally shot a golden arrow making it 6-2. Sarita 6-3. Dania was blocking, Laurie was dropping, Lisa started dribbling. Sally chose sharp defending.Shirley made a fast break 7-3 There was a water break up. Cupid said that the fighters were cheating on the lovers! Zoning when they should have been marking. Sally was fouled and took 2 from the free throw. Sarita made it 7-4, Shirley took the power of love 8-4. With a jump ball from Lisa and Sarita the score turned to 9-4. Sally spread her love to 10-4. The lovers were unlucky in love this evening, Lisa took a chance on a shot from afar…oh so very lucky in love 12-4. Dania scored 12-5. The black hearts were racing Shirley, Tulay 14.5. Sarita 15-6 With 10 minutes to go Rhonda fell catching love on the rebound. Smitten she turned 15-7 to the fighters. Hot blooded Dania topped it 15-8. Sarita caught a ball from behind without looking proving Love is blind! The last 2 cards were posted by Shirley and Lisa  17-8. All you need is love. Happy Valentine.

6th February 2016

My basketball arm.

With Chinese new year upon us it is the year of the pig and no better way to celebrate is with lashings of Chocolate. Our Chocolatier Josephine. The 2 teams made from Green and Blacks were. The 4 in Green Louise, Sarita, Andreea and Tulay, the 5 in Black Sally, Feddi, Shirley, Gill and Laurie.
The first slice of black forest gateaux went to Sally, she scored the first 2 baskets for the blacks. The nestle to score was Louise for the Greens. Feddi was fast like a chocolate whip, a chocolate fountain coating the ball from every angle.  Sallys defence was incredible getting passed her was like hitting a wall, a block of Walls choc ice cream A Magnum!  Tulay was fouled and took a Twix from the free throw line making 1 chocolate truffle. Louise’s brittle choc-finger caught the ball and it brandy snapped. Wrapping her finger against all advice she continued to play. (silly finger of fudge) Sarita passed the ball around her galaxy of team mates, making Cadbury’s sure they all scored. Andreea throw chocolate eggs directly into the basket enjoying every mouthful. Gill ran a marathon up and down the court. Laurie was a honeycomb sticking to Louise like Gu. It was a chocolate mouse of a game until Louise became a fruit and nut case and ice-screamed at Feddi, bringing the game to a chocolate sticky toffee pudding Halt.
Sorry Feddi for spoiling your bonbon de chocolate.


30 January 2019

The Hollywood jewels were out tonight.

The first Mary Poppins AKA Julay Andrews, followed by Sophia LooLooren and Grace Sally. Lisa Bacall, Gilly Caron and Shirley St Johns Nat Wood. The warm ups began. Laurie Christie from Dr Zhivargo rushed in from the cold clutching her fur hairband. Meanwhile Katherine Ross (Sarita Hayworth) accompanied by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid got ready to play. Arriving fresh from Harrods was Elizabeth Andreea Taylor dripping in Diamonds and wearing her Fur.
The most stunning Jewel of the coach crown, The Pink Jo Panther organised the stars into 2 teams. The 5 purple Ruby’s (Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, Lesley Caron, Sophia Loren and Katherine R ) versus the 4 Green Emeralds (Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Andrews.) The game get your jewels safely into the vault. Grace Sally the 1st with the key to the safe. Next to protect her jewels from the pick pockets was Looloo Loren. Mary Poppins used every trick in her handbag to protect the Emerald basket. Sarita Hayworth took to defence using a combination she caught every Ruby rebound. Lisa Bacall’ed the ball making 3 direct safe throws. Julie Christie cut and pasted diamond heart shaped. Hayworth threw the ball to Gilly Caron, thank heaven for little girls, for little girls grow into basketball players every day. Elizabeth Taylor made a claim to a string of pearls. There were times Shirley almost dropped her gems, but came to the rescue with many a layup safe break.
The Burglar Alarm sounded at 8pm. Diamond of the match goes to Grace Sally who upped her wears taking jewel box home.

A rich high class game tonight girls!, can’t wait for next week!

23rd January 2019

Tonights players seemed to be dropping like flies, it must have been those Super Bugs. The survivors arrived on the Lindo Wing. After private tutorial lay-up and shooting drills we did a 3 man weave followed by a spacing defence drill, where we Showed our D spots, put our Guns up, blocked our opponents and Drove to the basket! at 7.40 the 2 teams were formed, The Super Bugs in red, Louise Lisa and Sarita versus The Blue Wonder Bottles in blue, Shirley, Laurie and Sian. With only 6 beds needed we played full ward. Lisa won the jump and was the first to score 2 in a row. The private healthcare tuition was paying off. Using the backboard. Sarita was next to score followed Dragon fly Sian who flu the ball into the basket. The Flys were back in the game spreading their germs. This was where MRSA meets WNBA. Shirley took her antibacterial wash and drove the ball into the net several times. Sarita would not give up the penicillin passing the ball back and forth to Lisa. Lisa became antibiotic and scored 7 baskets in a row. Laurie caught and dodged a few passes. Matron Jo decided to join the flies on the big D. Lemsipping the ball to the players to shot. The Blue Bottles were catching up. Time flies! It was 8pm and the game came to a halt.
See you all next week for more fun and frolics on the court.

16 January 2019 MAY DAY

At 7.05 The members of the party had arrived in Westminster to vote.
2 teams. The 5 Blue Eyes to the Left (Louise, Nancy, Shirley, Sian and Tulay) and the 4 Red Nose’s to the Right. (Sarita, Dania, Andreea and Lisa) We started the game with a vote of no confidence as our Speaker of the house Josephine Bercow was stuck outside parliament.

Sarita and Sian took the jump. Sarita MAY of won but Blue Loo Hunt scores first . Followed by Red JezerLisa. Sarita took a flurry of motions. The score One Aye to 4 No’s. To the ballot box said Jezarita as she steered her team to vote. Andreea called for No Deal While she scored. Sian passed to Nancy. It was team work for Nancy & Shirley as they dropped their vote into the right honourable basket.

Dania pushed the ball to the right, Tulay to the left, the game got heated. ORDER called the Lords. It was MAYHEM. MAYDAY MAYDAY!

Sian Johnson threw the ball into the Red basket! A HOME GOAL!What are the chances of That like getting another referendum? Every time Shirley called a NO she got Brexit!

Tonights Winners with the majority vote were the 4 Red’s but the 5 blue MAYBOT’s will be back next week to play again.

9th January 2019

Tonight we were Jamming,
The 6 Subbing Seville Oranges (Louise, Lisa, Laurie, Sally, Nancy, Shirley,) versus the Non Subbing Bad Black Currents (Rhondaberry, Dania, Andreea, Tulay, Gilly) After a false volley start the game began. The orange peeled themselves into formation of man to man. The blackcurrants rolled into positions of defence. TootingTulay rebounding tight under the basket with Rhondaberry squeezed to the side of the Net. It took a age before either team scored. This started a flurry of dark berries into the pot from Andreeagoosberry Rhondaberry and Damson Dania. The Oranges gently simmered away until Nancy created a fine cut marmalade directly into the basket. The Blackberries were wining for the first half of the evening, the ball started to move faster than the coach and the Jojoberry was unable to see the ball was out. Citrus Sally saw as did the other Satsumas. The rind was now Black ball. Seville Shirley was fouled and got 2 shots from the boiling point. Damson Dania played rough cut, stealing the ball and ramming the opposition. We changed ends and tactics, both teams began to Zone. Now the jam started to set. At 8pm it was a draw, 5 all.

2nd January 2019

Tonight was BingTastic! Playing in purple were Sian, Sally & Gilly and for the pale blues were Sarita, Lisa & Tulay, a fast and furious game, with Jo introducing some tactical play, like a triangle of light opening up the offence under the basket, from me to you and back again.

Tulay was man of match as she blocked and attacked with equal gusto. Lisa & Sian both bagged basket bonanzas from afar. Sarita once again proved a force to be reckoned with. Gilly & Sally were here, then there & everywhere.

The blues were the technical winners but everyone who played is a winner and gets a gold 🌟, fitness first, thanks Jo a great start to the year. See you next Wednesday Badabings

19th December 2018

The last game of the year deserves a Badabing Crosby Christmas medley about us Silver Belles (Louise, Shirley, Sally, Rhonda) in Green versus The Miss-All-toes. (Nancy Sarita, Laurie, Gill) In Red

The Badabings are coming to town!  BADABINGS ARE COMING TO TOWN…. You better watch out, you better not Cry, you run now Nancy I am telling you why, Sarita’s bringing the basketball down the court! ………Run-pum-run..run  Pa-run-pum-run-run Coach Josephine kept the peace on earth with good will to all women. 2 to1 games to Red. I was dreaming of a Rhonda Christmas just like the ones we used to play, where the Sally belles are ringing and the all girls are singing,’ To hear the coach blowing whistles in the snow. Mistletoe and Shirley whine. So Laurie this is Christmas, Gillian I hope you have fun, to the near and the dear ones the old and the young. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to those that couldn’t make it, your own Christmas play list here. Save the world.. from Sian. Dania’s driving home for Christmas, Andreea listens while hoop top glisten, I saw Feddi kissing Santa Claus, It’s Lisa Winter Wonderland. Natalie  Fleliz Navidad, Minna you jingle belle Rock. Marta all we want for Christmas is you!  At 8pm the Jingle bells ring, it’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas Party! Thank you Sally for hosting a fabulous, delicious Badabing Christmas party.

See you all on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

The Queens speech,