Sally warmed up the crowd. Compare Louise took the whistle ‘ Welcome to the Feddi Show!’ Feddi and her 2 guest stars Sally and Laurie in Red versus the Commercial breaks in Blue. Lisa, Shirley, Nancy and Tulay.

It’s show time! Red Fedi Scored twice before the show went to a commercial break! Shirley drove to the basket in a new Audi with her Vorsprung lurch technic. The show must go on and on, 6-3 to Feddi. 19.27 Sarita joins the game tying her Trainers! ‘Just do it! ‘Joining the Blues, Nancy turned Red. Match 1 red 7-3. New game. Guest star Sally scores! Whoop whoop! Fedi takes the mike, 3-0 to Red.

We go to a commercial break Lisa ‘BUPA’ private Healthcare. Nancy goes back to blue. With 3 to Shirley another from Sally. Its Laurie’s magic Show! WOW what a basket. Feddi Scores a 3 pointer! the score now 4-4! Nancy has a fast break 5-4 it’s tense! She’s had her weetabix! Red loose the rebound. Tulay makes it 6-5 blue Lidle on price.

The Feddi show is signed for another series 6-6! Tulay mobile makes it 7 ‘every little helps’ blue win the match! A Quick sip of Evian ‘Live young!’. Game 3. Cliche Shirley ‘Who’s on Feddi!’ ‘Easy passes’ ‘Who wants it’ said Sarita, ‘There is a glass and half in everyone’. Shirley gets a high pass. ‘Where there’s blame there is a claim’. The credits roll, It’s 8pm “that’s all folks” See you next week, same time, Same place.

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