8th January 2020

9 x Christmas puddings entered the Hall. Immediate Shooting and lay-up drills. 7.12 pm Coach Josephine took the floor organising weaves and choosing both teams. 7.17pm Sarita made it 10!

The Jam Roly Poly’s in Purple, Sarita, Gill, Laurie, Dania, Andreea versus the Blueberry Mince Pies, Louise, Lisa, Feddi, Tulay and Nancy. Feddi was first to find the lucky 6d, followed by Sarita holding the horse shoe. The scores were neck and neck. Gill thrilled, Tulay was Fly! Lisa lit up the Christmas pud and left Jo hanging on a high 5! Game 1 The Blues.

Game 2 brought in the new decade 2020, Sarita’s Roarers in Purple v Feddi’s Flappers in Blue. Dania Screened and Screamed for her teammates, Laurie used her Jazz hands. Nancy was fastest to the net. Sarita toasted in the new year with a jammed finger. Andreea took the free throw…3rd time lucky.. was her NY resolution. Josephine joined the game! Still the Blue Party Animals won.

Game 3 The hangovers kicked in with the knackered January Blues. Dry January Lou couldn’t see the basket for the The Purple ‘The Lean Mean Basketmaking Machines’ ! At last a win for the Purple vegan rolls!. What a Fabulous start to the year! See you all next week for a slimmer fitter trimmer game of wonderful basketball.

Apologies from the 2 ghost of Christmas passed Sally and Shirley



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