29th January 2020

This evening ingredients for Marmalade were The Oranges, Louise, Tulay, Rie, Charleen versus The Sugar Preserves in Green, Dania, Laurie, Gill, Sally.

Sweet Sally started the cane rolling with 2 fast breaks directly into the  Sugar bowl, ‘Dunk it ‘ shouted Dania. Louise marderin’ed 2 segments making it 2 -5 to the sugar spoons 7.24pm ready made Sarita Marmalade arrived side’ing on both teams. She satsumas’ed first with Orange taking them into the lead winning the game. 7-2 At Boiling point guard she sweet coated to the Green-side. She was so fast no one could caster-sugar. Game 2. Laurie took 2 lumps in her tea cup. Gill had a sweeter tooth with her sugar cubes! Tulay pipped the sweeteners to the post as she Pectin’ed. Charlene orange peeled a wicked 3 pointer!

A Spoon full of Sugar helps the medicine ball go down as Dania hit the floor!  Game2 Score 1-7 to Green. Game 3 and 4. Sarita and Rie squeezed every last bit of orange taking the pith with a thick cut! making a seville orange partnership! 8pm! The jars were sealed. Sugar Bomboms birthday wishes to Sian!

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