22nd January 2020

Two Crazy cats entered the Den at 8.27 to find 2 teams…that’s Cool for Kats!
The Persian Blues, Sally, Lisa, Fedi, Nancy, Andreea Versus The Purple Bengal’s Dania, Rie, Laurie, Gill, Tulay.
Feline Feddi was like a kitten possessed, paw’ing the ball wherever it landed, springing into action, shooting, pulling, no one stood a chance until Officer Jo Dibble blew her whistle and called Subs! Lifting her tail high Sarita joined the Bengal’s and the cat-fight for the ball began. ‘Pass the ball’ Called Officer Dibble as Feline Itchy the Scratchy didn’t pass!  A team forfeit of sit-ups or lunges from each tabby. Fedi was back on her hot in roof. Andreea Lloyd Webber took the ball to the ally…. purring as she scored. Love cat Tulay prowled round the net blocking and catching rebounds. Lisa Sylvester used her hight to catch the ball and use the back board! MEOW! Sally had 9 lives, facilitating her team mates to pass and score. Fie like Mr Jinxs slipped them in from under the net. Nancy got the cream and the ball! Laurie smiled like the Cheshire cat with her 1 score of the night. Dania coughed up 2 fur balls from the free throw line. Gill crazed with cat-nip leaped from the bushes to the net. Despite the lucky Bengal’s go cats, the Persian blue’s were the cats whiskers and winners of the night.  8pm Time for a cat nap! A top night from 12 Top cats!

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