15th January 2020

The Canadian Winter sports started immediately with layups, warm ups and most importantly the Royal Basketball Protocol of fouling, Charging, Can’adian’s and cant’s. Josephine made the Badabrexit of 2 teams, 7.19 pm Sarita and Andreea Flew in on business class.

In Green, Frogmore Cottage, Louise, Sally, Sarita, Gill, Andreea versus In Red The Maple leaf of Vancouver, Dania, Nancy, Lisa, Feddi, Tulay.

Red Lisa won the jump, Green Gill was 1st to score, followed by Andreea and Louise, score 3-0. 1st on the leader board for Red was Lisa, this started a landslide for the red mounties. Dania with her sweet maple syrup touch and Nancy making a break for Quebecxit. French Canadian Fadi travelled before scoring, Sally and Sarita Windsor’ed up the court passing, shooting like wild-boar at Sandringham carrying the Mountbatten for the Green team.

Game 2, Red scored first leaving Sally paying the high price for Royal secruity. Fouled Dania took from the free throw, while Sarita toronto’ed 1 in after a run in with Lisa, no arm done. Game 3. We saw a Red Lettuce sandwich and a stuffed moose, also we witnessed a marvellous steal from Brian Adreea Prince of thieves. 8pm Megxit got to live with the common people leaving the rest of us tortured by Celine Dion

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