4th December 2019

All gathered in London this week for the Nato Summit. First passing drills followed by 3 Teams all on the attack, the Trump’s, Boris’s and Macron’s. Picked by tallest to shortest, The Orange Trumpetts 5. Louise, Lisa, Feddi, Laurie and Fie versus The 4 Purple Royals. Tulay, Andreea, Nancy and Gill. Lisa won the jump Fie was the first to score. Stars and Strikes! The Ball was flying back and forth though the score board hardly moved till Greta Fediberg surfed the wave for climate change taking the Trumpetts in the lead. Gill retaliated with a Royal wave, ‘One’ in Purple had at last scored. Tulay gave a Royal bow. “One had scored another” Nancy found her voice calling to Princess Anne-dreea for the ball.
Trumps entourage were wind powered for energy efficiency. Louise stepped down, leaving 4 aside. Greta Fediberg swopped sides with Princess Anne-dreea. Negotiations continued with nether side winning. Exhausted both teams threw their balls at the net with no conclusion just distracted by a on looker sitting on the side warming up waiting for the boys to arrive.
8pm came Prince Andrew was relived of his duties and Trump had to return to his residence.
See you all next week for more trafficking and basketball!

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