18th December 2019

Eleven OAP’s dithered into the home at 7pm. Nurse Josephine organised 2 teams after shooting and warm up drills. The Red Capsules, Feddi, Sally, Louise, Lisa, Laurie and the Green Suppositories, Di, Gill, Tulay, Rhonda & Andreea. 

Lisa was the first to pop and swallow a pill for the Greens, followed by laying one up was Red Fed. The Red teams blood was pumping as they took the lead.  
7.27pm Sarita sauntered in making it 12 players. Nurse Jo moved the teams around moving Louise to Red and Sarita to Green…Louise’s sedatives kicked in…not knowing who she was marking or which way she was running. Fed supplied Sound advice ‘follow your man’ and ’to pass easy’
Rhonda got something in her eye and went off to the Red Cross. 
The reds won the first 2 games and maybe the 3rd, I don’t know, I can’t remember! it all was a blur. 8pm Coach Jo rounded up the old timers as they made their way to ‘Shangri la’ Shirley’s retirement home for their Christmas party!.. where they met bad back Nancy. They were feed, watered and given certificates for their past quests. Louise loved her Westward Cardigan from the old gals and her basketball cup from Coach Jo.
It was lovely to see Nurse Marta who turned up to help with the infirm.
See you all in the new year 2020!
Q…Who am I?

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