11th December 2019

The Polling Station opened at 7pm. Councillor Jo waved a red flag getting us into lines, weaves, and voting practice.
This ‘Is your time to make a Change’ Vote carefully Jo advised. The Parties. Conservatives in Blue, Louise, Sally Fie, Shirley, Nancy versus Labour in Red, Feddi, Laurie, Gill, Tulay, Lisa.

Jo lowered the flag. May the best party win! Laurie caught the ball from the jump and drove it forward, the votes changed, it was Blue, it was Red. At last Red Fed scored. Then Lisa using the back ballot box turned the scores to 3-0.

At 7.27pm Sarita changed the balance. The Lib Dem subbed then joined the Conservatives.

YAY The Blue found their BO JO! Lou Tore-up the court and made it 3-1. Sally took 3 more seats, the Blues over took the red party… SUB!

‘Blues on Gill’ Shouted Shirley! As Gill Cor-Binned one in. The Polls were neck and neck, Gill and Louise Held the ball. The results Jo Swing-son-ing from Blue to Red. 7.57pm Both parties were distracted. Louise Foraged a load of abuse and was reprimanded by councillor Jo. 8.00pm Time to stop Brexit!  Article 50 was revoked! C U All next Wednesday, Drinks and Bing surprise fun after play.

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