27th November 2019

7pm Coach Ian Jo Jury had got us running, shooting and weaving. New Boots and Panties was the theme.

2 teams. The 4 Bossy Boots in Red, Feddi, Shirley, Lisa, Andreea versus the The 5 Droopy Draws in Blue Louise, Laurie, Tulay, Gill, Sarita. Tulay won the jump and knicker elastic’ed the ball to Laurie, who harpooned it into the basket. Tulay’s high legs made a wedgie basket.

Lisa with party shoes, tippy toeing her team onto the leader board. Coach Jo Jury Hit us with her rhythm stick! ‘Listen up! Make Space, Blockheads and Cut!‘ Feddi with her running shoes, got the reds on track Billerricay Dickie the reds had found their feet.

7.25 Sarita joined the Droopy Draws, pulled up her pants and Clever Trevour Reasons to be cheerful game 3. Gill ding dong used her thong! While Andreea got her shots thigh high.

Sarita saved the team with a ball in her face and was sent to Knickerblockerglory! Leading her dirties into the laundry basket. Shirley scored with a split crutched bad knee. Reds played Sole to Sole, while the droopy’s got their knickers in a twist.

Rebook and Nike! Cobblers! it was 8pm!  See you all next week for more Sex drugs and rock and roll

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