30th October 2019


Its 7pm and the planes are circling with last minute flight cancellations and unexpected passengers. The session started with an important announcement from Pilot Jo, for not making last weeks schedule.
At 7.05 the safety drills began. 7.21. 2 Teams. The Private Jets, Louise, Lisa, Dania, Tulay in Pink Versus the Flying Jumbo’s Sarita, Gill, Shirley and Laurie, in Black. Lisa won the jump landing the first 2-3 baskets. Shirley was next on the tarmac. Tulay looped to looped 3 in a row.
The pinks had control of the skies. Brace Brace! Sarita took command of the traffic control tower putting her Red (Black)Arrows in formation, taking over the whole Aerospace. Dania requested an emergency landing…Easy Jet! said Sarita as she stole the rebound. The score now 6-6. Black wins. The Runway was busy with flights backing up. Gilly started circling stalling Louise’s take off. Jo flew in from Cameroon helping the Pinks find their spacing. Dania ran along the wing to score. Laurie got 1 in.  Shirley Taxi’ed to the basket. Game 2 to blacks. Game 3 ended with a crash landing, Boeing 747 was the score…The Blacks king of the skies.

The control tower read 21.00hrs. With all fuel burnt out we left the airport. See you all next Wednesday!

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