6th June 2018

It is Love Island. With Josephine in charge of the Villa. The First 3 fit contestants to arrive were Louise Nancy, Shirley, Alice  followed by Josephine, Gill, Tulay and last Sarita. Basketball layups started the evening as the contestants got to know each other. Then Warm ups. High knees, jogging, heel flicks, hamstrings and Sumos. Now we are ready for Love. The 2 teams were formed. Before coupling up we took positions in the Love Zone.
First In Blue Louise, Tulay, Alice, Gill versus the First Purples, Sarita, Shirley, Nancy and Jo. Sarita was the first to fall in love with the ball, straight into the net it went. She was wild at heart leaping to catch her rebounds and shooting into the net her love held no bounds.
Alice was the first Blue to fall in Love with the ball and take it to the net. The blues were not so lucky in love, the blues points were short lived.
Josephine called a water break and mixed up the lovers. Gill turned Purple, Shirley was Blue, Jo swopped shirts with Tulay. Even with the new lineup Sarita’s intense love affair was still going strong. Love was her game. She jumped, she ran, she spread her love all over the place. The blues hearts were pumping as they ran up and down the court, cutting here and there only to be caught out by the purple lovers standing in their way. Louise scored a basket from the free throw line but couldn’t dunk a second. The blue hearts were worn on their sleeves, not in the net. The night showed us some amazing baskets. At 19.59 the last minute stood still, love changed sides and back again. Exhausted and all shagged out we left knowing love conquers all.
We love you Josephine please stay with us, tonight we were your Napoleon.
Nothing compares to you,
C U All NEXT WEEK. I have a feeling Love is in the air.

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