13th June 2018

Cirque du Badalay
Ringmaster Josephine cracked her whip knocking us all into shape. The first drill, dribbling to score. Once warmed up the first trick ‘the shortest to tallest’  Those in Plum, Louise, Nancy, Andreea, Tulay and Lisa versus The Azures Alice, Laurie, Dania, Gill and Shirley. Its Showtime in the big top! Alice showed her skill by winning the jump, Gillylina caught the ball making the first basket. The Azures were fast and nimble swinging in and out holding the positions in unison. Dania flew in the air and scored. The Plum clown Louise had a lucky break on to the score board. We laugh HA HA. Now Grasshopper Andreea had warmed up WOW did she go!.. The applause was getting louder. BOOM cried the Ringmaster. Dancer Shirley was unstoppable sliding in-between the defence twirling with the ball to score, held back at times by Strongman Tulay’s rebound catching. Good defence called the Ring master all agreed. Grasshopper Andreea held the game to a halt, SHUUUU! she cried bending to adjust her enormous clown feet! More laughter from the crowd. Trapeze artist Lisa had good balance forgetting to dribble used her height aimed straight to the basket. BOOM …HA HA she missed. After the water break the tables turned, we were now all in the Zone. The Grasshopper played her finale by jamming the ball onto the back board. HA HA! More applause as the Ringmaster knew the only trick to release it.
For a encore Alice finished the game with a perfect basket from the free-throw line.
On the The Queen B birthday honours list Dania was awarded the most generous player of the night, this was followed by a red arrow fly pass.
See you all next week for more ball tricks and fun on the court.

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