1. The Sound of the Bee (3)
2. Half of our Head coach (2)
3.The Head coach (4)
4. Its Slippery (3)
5. Watch out for the Behind (4)
6. Separates the teams (4)
7. Hot and angry (5)
8. She Thumps (7)
9. The Wasps favourite call (2)
10. The Wasp (7)
11. You will find one on your phone (3)

1. She’s the Queen (3)
2. Half of head Coach (2)
3. Basketball players (7)
4. Herculean player (5)
5.The Panther with a letter missing (5)
6. Our boy Coach (2)
7. The Stretch (4)
8. A Jewish brown bread (3)
9. The grey haired player (3)
10. Finish the lay (2)
11. Don’t eat them all (3)

30 May 2018

The evening started with a warm hug from Feddi. Followed by exciting new warm-ups, & practice lay-ups that nobody scored. The players got into 2 teams. The 6 Blue Tiddlywinks Lead by Feddi, Louise, Lisa, Shirley, Tulay, Laurie versus the 5 Purple Scrabble tiles, Sarita, Sally, Nancy, Andreea and Gilly. Jorden started the board game off. First word on the score board ‘Dropball’  Zarita was smart the first to score a 10. The next 10 by Andxeea putting her X in the basket. The TiddlyWinks had to shake up. Fedi threw the dice and dashed across the board scoring a high 6. Coach Jorden watched on in shock unable to call anything without his whistle, his words were lost in the noise of the game scoring him no points. His game was no Cluedo. Gilly had a lucky tray, 3 high scores in a row. The Blue Tiddly’s were subbing, the Purple Tiles kept scoring. It was a scrabble for the ball. A Scramble as Tulay and Andreea collided hands, knees and bumpsidaisy they played on. Feddi tripped or was she pushed No Cluedo. Sally took 2 from the free throw line. It was a countdown to the water break Louise turned Purple. Zarita subbed and screamed encouragement to her players, stop shouting words said Shirley you are making me drop my counters. Feddi kept shouting come on Blue, Louise heard ‘come on Lou’ There were some great baskets and some terrible passes. Word of the evening was Sloopyboose said by Andreea, Challenged by all. BADABINGZ was the last high scoring word at 8pm by then we had all turned purple and wet with sweat.

23rd May 2018

A Right Royal affair. Just in case you didn’t notice we had a Royal Wedding this week.
2 teams. 5 aside and one sub. The Blue Bloods Louise (the Queen) Lisa (Harry) Nancy (Anne) Dania (Camilla Parker with Balls) and Gilly (Charles) versus The Black Suits, Sarita (Meghan) Sally (Mother of the bride) Shirley (Amal Cooney) Laurie (Victoria Beckham ) Tulay (Serena Williams).
First to Sub was Blue Andreea (Princess Beatrix) The Game started with a Jump ball. The 90 year old Queen was the first to score! OH YAR she sniffled with pride! Then Meghan took the ball driving alone towards the Key wearing Givenchy before she was marked by Charles. Markle scored with Sparkle. Changing of the sub occurred every 3 mins, leaving confused positions. The baskets kept coming. The suits were in the lead.  There was no sign of Bishop Ed Curry…No sermon, no talk of Love or Fire, just shouts of passion and double dribble, foot out … the ball in….3 seconds or tie the knot? Just the sound of the choir and the shouts of ‘Stand by me’. ‘I want to snatch’ said Charles ‘but Mummy doesn’t’ ‘Mummy will discuss later’ who’s Queen!. Doria was strong and accurate with her shooting dignified and often. Camilla showed us her fancy moves with a jaunty hat. Amal Cooney laughed as she scored using hubbies Expresso pods. Serena was a force of nature. Victoria Beckham was even seen to smile after scoring. Eugenie caught the ball and scored again and again. The Queen tried to keep her eyes on Princess Anne.
‘Harry I name man of the match for scoring 6 baskets’.
At 8pm Ding dong the bells did chime.  Game over.
C.U.Next Wednesday

16th May 2018

Guest Writer The Stag. Alice Hart Davis

Match report: Wednesday night, W2, and it was the Badass Blacks against the Magnolia Pinks… except there were five in black – Shirley, Dania, Gilly, Tulay and Alice — against four in pink — Nancy, Andreea, Sarita and Laurie and by heck they were more like STEEL MAGNOLIAS. Did black run rings around pink? Alas not. Did black storm through pink by sheer force of numbers? Not a bit of it. Within five minutes those Steely Magnolias were somehow several baskets in the lead and no, Coach Ed wasn’t playing with them. The BBs got their heads down and tried to focus, or to blame the fact that the Magnolias had half-court defence on their side, but what with Andreea and Sarita bringing that ball forward like an unstoppable force, and Nancy and Laurie appearing in every gap, dang, they kept on scoring. Us BBs hung on in there, Dania always sure-footed and flying from end to end, Shirley moving at speed to bring the ball up court, Tulay fighting for rebounds, Gilly blocking like a demon and Alice trying, without much success, to stop the unstoppable Sarita from doing another of her take-it-all-the-way-then-score numbers. There were breathtaking baskets (mostly from Andreea, particularly that two-in-one doublo! Bravo!) and the scores soared in Coach Ed’s idiosyncratic way. He might have called it a draw in the end but Magnolias – you had us! Great game! BadaBING!!!

9th May 2018

Guest Writer Hercules. Tulay.

Pretty in pink team (Dania,  Shirley, Alice and Tulay ) against Cool in Blues  (Laurie, Sarita, Nancy and Lisa ) Sarita was a marvel with her dodging and dribbling to score and re-bounds. Both teams defended really well. The court was hot and got hotter with the speed of the game. Laurie had some  great moves to reach the basket, Dania did some great swish shots, Alice got a few in baskets in, Lisa got most of the re-bounds,  Shirley was fastest with the ball, Nancy did amazing defence  (I know. ..could hardly get the ball! ),
We scored so many baskets that coach marvelled at our 20 to 16 score to Cool as cucumber Blues.  Great game all around!

2nd May 2018

Ten Pins arrived at tin ally. 2 teams.
The Bunny Girls, Andreea (Thumper) and her Bunnies in Black, Sally, Lisa, Shirley and Laurie versus The Saucy Kittens, wearing Tabby Orange. Louise, Alice, Tulay, Gill and Nancy. Tonights Rules Full court, 1/2 court defence, 3 seconds in the key, defence or offence.
Officer Dibble Blew the whistle and the game began. The Bunnies were fast with Thumper leading her team. The Kittens were cunning with strong defence. Gill with pussy senses intercepting the ball. It was a while before either team scored then out popped Thumper who hopped the first black ball into the net, then a another and another. Watership up! The tabby’s at last got possession and Pussy-lou-Galore feline’d the ball into the basket. ” Oh what a beautiful pussy you are you are what a beautiful pussy you are” sung her teammates.
The black bunny girls lead dangling their carrots teasing the kittens. The Bunnies were rowdy, Shirley shouted at Laurie, Andreea shouted at Shirley. Andreea threatened Pussy Galore to keep away as her puppies of mass destruction could explode at one single touch. Tabby Tulay got a 1 from the free throw line, Louise and Shirley too. Alice lost one of her 9 lives as she landed on the floor but clawed it back when she made her first magnificent basket. The Tabbies were catching up. ‘That’s dangerous’ said Thumper and she proceeded to take control bounding towards the wrong basket! Oops she had miximatosis. Balls were flying into the net left right and centre. Laurie took some fast-breaks, Sally blocked for Andreea, Lisa maned Alice, Nancy Kit-Katt’ed some terrific balls in the cats cradle, she was tonight’s the cat in the hat. Purr purr! It was a exciting fast exhausting game that didn’t let up for a bunnie or a kitten.
Thank you Officer Ed, tonight you really earned your Strips. It was A brilliant hard game of fun, skill and laughter, Welcome back Alice the Stag!
C u all next week. ( I am away for the next 2 weeks will see you on my return )