28th March 2018

Easter week.
2 teams
The Fluffy Blue Bunnies. Sarita, Shirley, Gill and Pearl Versus The Ducks a l’Orange Nancy, Louise Andreea and Tulay.
The Loud Mouth Duck started the session with layup drills followed by warm-ups. The Coach Rolled in at 6.15pm. 45mins early or 15 mins late Who knows looking at the clock? Sarita v Tulay jump ball. Sarita won the ball and ran like the Big Easter Bunny making the first basket, scattering her eggs along on the way. Andreea Duck was next to score dunking her golden egg into the Basket….Hooray said her team mates Huey, Jewi and Loui. The Big Easter Bunny scored again, followed by passover Bunny, Shirley who too scored. The Blues were bunny hopping into the lead. Gill freed herself to score. Nancy played good defence catching the ball against all omelets. Rubber Duck Louise Screen’ed protecting her duckings but couldn’t stop the Bunnies from reproducing another basket. Pearl smashed it, scoring twice in the game. Tulay took 2 from the free throw line twice scoring one for her team. After the water shipdown break, it was now full court defence. Gill tried to snatch the egg from Nancy QUACK QUACK! Balled Rubber Duck. Mother Duck Andreea could not see the yoke and went for some stunning wild throws getting the Ducks back on track….but as the story of easter is told someone had to loose. The Ducks were Crucified. The Cock crowed 8pm but the clock struck 7. The Coach called the game to a close as the Goys ran in.

Yay! Thank you all for the delicious choccy birthday cake.
See you on Saturday for the old Ducks birthday surprise! ‘Super Looloo’ Picks up Poo Poo’s first screening.

21st March 2018

Tonight we had the time of our lives with 2 teams ‘Dirty Dancing’ (Dania, Lisa, Shirley, Tulay and Gill) in Orange and ‘The Nutcracker suite’ (Sarita, Andreea, Louise, Nancy and Laurie) in Plum.
Coach Arlene Philips blew the whistle at 7.20. Sarita Principle dancer, the tall toy soldier immediately scored twice playing with the skills of 2 cast, followed by Andreea. Dr Tulay caught the rebounds and impressed us all with the first 2 baskets for the Orange dancers. Dania salsa’ed the ball like Baby, No one puts Baby in the corner said Pa-trick-Lisa Swayze as she caught Baby’s rebound. The Dirty Dancers were catching up.
From nowhere Andreea pirouetted centre stage like the Sugar-fu*king-plum fairy. Her moves sublime, quick, light as a feather as she jete the ball into the net. Her audience applauded, she went in for her encore but Nancy Bussell stole the show with a ball on the nose. The curtain came down and the intermission was called. In the second half Baby was fouled, taking a bow she score a point from the free throw line. Solo’s were danced by Laurie and Gill.
A minute before 8pm Nancy Bussell got a Wackhim-Cortes in the face. The Auditorium fell quiet. Encore Encore Nancy returned to the court for the last ball to be scored by Nureyev Shirley.
C u all next Wednesday Badabings! for more turns and toe points on the court.

Thank you Ed for a great game. 22-17 to the Nutcracker Suite.

14th March 2018

Tonights write up is by Ken Dodd in homage to his love child ‘Sian Sutherland-Dodd’. His dying wish was were the teams even?
How tickled we are to be playing tonight. 2 teams The Mother-inlaws Glum in Plum, Sarita, Louise, Tulay, Gill and Rhonda versus the Diddy Men Back in Black Dania, Laurie, Andreea, Shirley and Coach Ed. Mother-inlaw Louise was the first to score. Happiness happiness the greatest gift that I possess, I thank the lord that I have Scored more than my share of basketballs ! Half court defence as the Diddymen passed the ball around. Diddymen Andreea and Curly Shirley scored. Hono-looloo’s got everything, a basket for the Diddymen and sharks for the mothering-laws. I didn’t say she had a big arse I said she was fast! I never said she was a c*nt I said she’s in front. It was tattifilarious the jokes were coming in thick and fast. The Mother-inlaws were leading. Sarita could not stop. ‘I haven’t passed the ball to the mother inlaw for 18months, I don’t like to stop her from scoring. Gilly couldn’t miss. Rhonda a ball Magnet. Coach Ed chased the rebounds, Dania Diddy man put her front teeth forward and layed up a basket. Up yours Misses, The Diddymen took the tickling stick to Knotty Ash and back but it was the Billy Basket from Laurie that surprised the Tatty-heads! At 8 mate It was all too late Pants up ladies The Mother-inlaws had the biggest draws.

7th March 2018

After the thaw, 8 players gathered for for another match. The Clash of the Titians.
Team Zeus Lead by Sarita, with Louise, Andreea Tulay in Gold versus Team Poseidon lead by Dania with Lisa, Shirley and Gilly in Blue.
Sarita won the Jump leading the gold team to score first. Dania took charge and as only Hades could and gave us a standing ovation basket! The applause was deafening. This was the war of the Gods. Zeus roared and thundered down the court passing to our goddess of love Andreea Aphrodite who elegantly shot the ball into the basket. 1/2 court defence our Coach Apollo reminded us. Lisa Aires used her height under the basket wining the ball for her team, on one occasion with her striking powers knocked Tulay Hercules glasses to the underworld. A Thunderbolt of lightening very very Frightening. Louise Athena goddess of the write-ups bad hand was bashed, Bismillah No we will not let the ball go! Let it go, no, we will not let it go, ooh ooh No no no!  Oh Mama Mia!  let it go! Goddess Venus Shirley was fast Galileo Galileo Figaro magnifico-ooo. Gilly Hera escaped the grips of Athena and scored. Zeus took 2 from the free throw line. The final score 22-20 to the Orange. Ooh yeah, nothing really matters, Anyone can see nothing really matters, Nothing really matters to me…. sang the Blues.
C U All next week for more of the Fandango