15 November 2017

Tonights pack of cards dealt into 3 teams,
In black: Louise, Gill and Nancy the Clubs and Team Feddi, a fast running Spade. The Red team the Hearts Sarita, Dania, Laurie and Lisa.
After our warm ups and stretching, the game started with Feddi and Lisa in the jump. Laurie was the first to score followed by Gill.
Snap! Something happened to the Red team, they became whimsical and one by one the house of cards started to fall. Queen of hearts Dania was the first to take a breather after a poker in the breast. Next one to burn and turn was Black Jack Nancy, the hearts gave her palpations. Coach Edweze played his Joker stepped in for when the girls stepped out, changing his colour, teasing us with baskets that didn’t count.
Next to show her cards was Sarita with a minute on the side. The Clubs were gathering momentum, gin rummi’ing up and down the court laying-up balls and getting them into the basket.
Spade Feddi played solitaire giving the black team the wining hand. YAY!
Lisa was fast on Feddi’s heals, Feddi lost her patience and pulled out a Ace. The Black Queen B dealt the ball to her team mates, raised the stakes by scoring 3 of a kind. Unfortunately Lisa folded as she got a ball to the nose.
In the last 5 minutes the red hearts started to pump with a flurry of baskets. Dania, Sarita & Lisa all scored. As the clock struck 8pm Laurie knocked one in making it a full house.
We all showed our hands to the centre, See you all next Wednesday!  I left the casino in a right Royal flush, feeling richer for and happier for playing.


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