30th August 2017

Tonights Disc jockey was the Spinning Edwarz.
8 girls made Two teams, the old favourites Tulay, Gilly, Laurie and Louise in Pink. Played the Black top 20 Singles. Malinda, Nancy Sarita and Shirley
The game 80’s hit from The ball is Dead or Alive.
We started with a Jump ball. Shirley and Tulay. You spin me right round, baby Right round like a basketball record-player right round.  The Singles played great defence and made the first 3 baskets before the Old favourites Tulay scored. Like a old recored the favourites spun the score right round baby right round. Laurie was record of the week catching and throwing ridiculous balls, scoring at unexpected times. Right round like a record, baby Right round round round. Nancy’s defence knocked the ball out of her opponents hands more times than the lyrics I remember. Malinda held her ground while Gill caught the uncatchable passes from her team mates.
Sarita sung Open up your lovin’ arms Watch out, here I come, as she passed to the ball to Shirley. You spin me right round, Shirley right round. They scored. The black Singles might of had the edge this week but the old favourites played better than they have ever played.
Thank you Edwarz’s for your coaching and fun run-a-round baby here we come!
This Weeks Golden oldie write up is dedicated to the lovely Otto who left this week to join the big park in the sky.

Edwarz Tonight stupendous Guest Coach

23 August 2017

The host of the show Brucy Jojo Forsyth. Basketball is the name of the game and we want to play the game with you!
10 ladies 2 families
The Pinkkerton family, Louise, Sarita, Malinda, Gilly and Nancy played the Blackburn family Sian, Andreea, Laurie, Shirley, Sally. Nice to play with you, to play with you nice .
The Score was 3 Nil before the Pinkertons made their first wicker basket.  Cuddly toy! Cuddly toy! The Blackburns were playing their cards right, in the lead with their pottery wheel. What do points make? Points make Prizes! Give us a twirl Andreea and she scored again! Hold the ball higher said Jojo Forsyth, Lower screamed her team. Louise made a basket! Good Game, good game! Sarita and Nancy passed the ball, keep dancing.  Sian scored a blinder from the conveyer belt giving her a Fondue set! Jojo Moved the family’s around putting Sally to the Pinkertons (she’s my favourite) Malinda went to the Blackburns (she’s my favourite). The dynamics suddenly changed. Gilly made a basket from the free throw line.
The scores shot up 8 – 5 to the Pinkertons. Didn’t they do well!
The evening ended with a Chocolate and Raspberry birthday cake celebrating Bruce’s 91st year! Didn’t she age well!
See you all next Wednesday

16 August 2017 Be mine tonight

On the Anniversary of Elvis’s Death we were never going to be Lonesome tonight as 11 little Sister’s made up 2 teams.
The Blue Suede Shoes (Sian, Nancy, Malinda, Gillian Rhonda, Tanya) Verses the Hound dogs in Black (Laurie, Louise, Sarita Shirley, Andreea)
After some Rock a hula baby 3 man weaves we started a game. Josephine was loathsome tonight she said ‘a little less conversations and you will play better or Suicides!
Tanya and Sarita jumped In the Ghetto. Viva Los Vegas! Andrea scored. The Hounds scored twice more before Suedy Sian Shook us all up with some burning burning blue Love! She shoot up the charts to be the Number 1 of the match. Rhonda was only on the court for 5 minutes and scored twice! Tanya was the first to be fouled and took 2 from the Free throw line. She evened the score getting both baskets. With some Tender Love from Sarita The Hounds were leading again. Gilly evened the score getting both baskets from her foul.
Shirley Stepped up Cut and returned the ball to Sender. The hounds were again jail house Rocking. With Suspicious minds It was Shoot Now or Never for the blue suede shoes.
No one will be Crying in the chapel tonight as at 8pm we drew 17 all.
It was one of our faster, hottest scoring games of the year. Welcome back Malinda you can be our teddy bear!
C u all next week

9th August 2017

Tonights Raw vegetables consisted of 2 teams, the Purple Sprouting’s Tanya, Sian and Laurie played the Blue Artichokes Louise, Shirley and Sarita.
Tanya was the only one to score so the Purple sprouting’s started the game of 1/2 court.
Josephine was disappointed with our cooking skills and decided to position us into a gourmet meal. The vegetables had to learn to cut.  The Sproutings’ were moved to Pick and Roll. The Artichokes were put in the position to Block, now there was Space in the pan and we started to flambé. Our hob was showing new symbols ‘Come, Go and Panther power. (Screen)
The last 8 minutes in the steamer was full court. As we tossed ourselves in the sautéed heat, Sarita stewed the Artichokes Defence while Shirley scored in simmering celebration of having a birthday. Josephine blanched the Sprouting purples into boiling water giving the Artichokes some pressure cooking.
At 8.02 we celebrated the August birthdays. Shirley, Sarita, Sally and Nancy. We eat cake and gave a toast to all Daddies lost.
Looking forward to getting back in the kitchen,
C U next Wednesday

2nd August 2017

Under the desert sun the heat beat down threw the basketball net onto the Blue oasis of the court floor.
2 teams gathered in the Sahara. The Burka Ladies in Black. Louise, Sarita, Laurie and Sally and the Wandering Jews in Pink. Shirley Nancy, Tanya and Josephine. Playing half court worshipping the same net but with 2 different gods. Oy Vay! The Lord favoured the Pink as Shirley started the game with 4 baskets in a row. Sarita called on Ala who broke the spell. It didn’t break for long as Tanya Passover’d the ball scoring for the pinks. The court was unbearably hot The camels were dry, both teams begged for a water break. Laurie surprised herself with a Hibjabb of a basket followed by Sarita Ramadamming the ball into the net. After a minutes water break Josephine changed sides and Sally converted to the Pinks. Ala still was not listening as The wondering Jews took the ball and baked unleavened bread. With a strike of light Nancy took the ball off Goddess Josephine. In a split second a mirage appeared as Louise caught the ball right out of Shirley hand but with Sally Shirley Nancy and Tanya all scoring the Burka Ladies did not stand a chance.
See you next Wednesday