26 April 2017

Tonight’s game was all about Sarita, Congratulations on getting your Pharmaceutical Diploma.
For that reason we let her win!
Sarita Rebound Man of the match, Sarita basket scorer of the match, Sarita team captain of the match.
Sarita Congratulations.
2 Teams
The Pink Pills Sarita, Louise, Laurie and Shirley. The Black Pills Dania, Tulay, Gilly, and Andreea.
Sarita’s viagra kicked in immediately as she grew to win the jump ball. She was not coming down. She was up for the whole game. Reaching up for each rebound and giving us two to cum.
Shirley followed her close using her nurofen-plus. She passed the ball back and forth to Sarita. Feeling no pain just gain.
For the Black Anti-depressants Dania drove the ball to the basket rubbing in her voltarol she evened the score.
Andreea’s allergies got the ball straight to the net with piriteze. Gilly optrex’ed from the free throw line.
Tulay’s capsule kicked in just before the end of the game, she rested on the side. Josephine stood in for her.
It was a Aspin-rational game and a migraleve to learn the cut drill aspro-clearly. ,
We celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco courtesy of Dania.
C u all next Wednesday

19th April 2017

Josephine’s  CUT and dry.

2 teams sit on the back benches waiting to go in. 19.00 hrs reads the clock in the hall. Cutting, weaving and passing drills started the evening.
The votes were cast. ‘i’s’ to the right and ‘no’s’ to the left. We were Elected into our teams.
The Corbings tailors in the Black, Louise, Rhonda, Sarita, Gill and Nancy. The May Dressmakers Tulay, Shirley, Laurie, Dania and Sian in the Pink.
Dania cut the first piece of cloth and true to her name the Bullet’ scored. A pattern was formed.
It was Dania’s night for the May team she had it all sewn up. The Corbings black tailors had Sarita cutting the pinks down to size. The pinks numbers grew, the blacks cut their costs with a cut and blow dry defence.
Louise Played a cut throat game as she stopped Shirley from scoring. Shirley scored twice from the free throw line a reward from a foul. Rhonda suited and booted took the pinks to the cleaners with some clean shots. One hero shot from Gill and a great game from Laurie. May’s dressmakers might have had the edge with added cuts from Sian or were the Blacks a cut above the rest with Nancy under the net?
The Evening was cut short by 2 minutes with the clock being brought forward. We cut our losses and left smiling.
Thank you Josephine for moving us forward. A slow process at the moment, but worth it in the long run.
C U Next Wednesday

12 April 2017

Tonights game was a battle of 2 teams plus a Grass.
The Black Bully boys Marta, Sally, Nancy, Shirley, Laurie and the Pink Cunt faces. Louise, Sarita, Kas, Gilly, Tulay and Dania.
The bad language means I have been catching up with game of thrones and the new girls are no longer new. So back to my old bad habits.
The Bully boys were 5. The Pink Cunts were 6. One subbed
The 2 realms were quite even. So individual Chivalry paid off. Josephine changed ends and called many fouls, giving Dania, Kas, Gilly and Marta 2 from the top of the key.
During the evenings hour many excellent baskets were made, especially Marta’s most memorable from the 3 throw line. Gilly’s basket was made against all odds. Shirley’s were quick and sharp. Sarita, Kas and Dania cut and stole the ball form the Blacks popping baskets into the net.
It was a fast hot, tight, black rock and roll sort of game tonight, many earned their stripes. Even Marta was wet red and breathless when time was called.
Man of the match goes to Kas, who played her best. Therefore she is knighted with her Badabing name. Drum roll please.
She is Kazelle (Gazelle) Due to her fast spring moves.
See you all next Wednesday for more magic on the court.