27 July 2015

This weeks coach will be Marta The Bear and the Week after we have Maia The Chief
Rikki has also been recently christened the Swivel. Feddi The Wind, Sarita the Stallion, Malinda The Sniper 
Sally, Nancy and Andrea still have to be named. So does Tanya, Lauren, Denali.
We still have not found  the right name for Sally and she has been with us for 15 years
Names don’t Come easy, as they describe your game. Sometimes it can take years to get the right one for you.
Louise=The Bee, Sian =Stretch, Rhonda The Rump, Shirley=The Wasp, Dania = The Bullet
Ollie =The Matador, Jill = the Chucker, Geraldine the Wall, Maia The Chief, Sarita the Stallion, Feddi The Wind, Rikki the Swivel, Marta The Bear, Malinda The Sniper, Natalie the Octopus, Hurray! Sally has just been named the Flame!
Nancy’s Bambi and Andreea Thumper!
BiNGS The Bee and The Bear
muddy looloo (2)

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