6th May 2015

Tonights big Pizza Pie was made up of Louise, Rikki, Feddi, Sarita, Delerina, verses Rhonda, Nancy, Sally, Shirley and Sian.

Sian was the Cheese topping for the pinks, her stretchy fingers tossed the ball in the basket like it were a little olive! more than once (around 6 times I would say but who’s counting)
While Feddi’s thin tasty base ran over the whole Margarita. Sarita however our buffalo mozzarella for the blacks took control of the Giardiniera. Running down the side orders, till her meatballs were in the net.
Our Hot American Rhonda was the stable diet for the pinks holding back her antipasto till needed. Or was Delerina cramping her red pepper?
I felt a little bit of a dough ball, giving the ball away to her on more than one occasion.
Nancy was the hidden spice, the jalapeno appearing on the plate when you least expected while feeding Shirley the Arrabbiata to shoot. Rikki the Carbonara of the evening added fresh parsley to the game, She was organic!
Sally was marking me nonstop, all over me like the tomato sauce salsa’ring left right and centre….And not forgetting Delerina, the only Pepperoni on the court! Which we did forget, wearing red on a black team is never a good idea.
I enjoyed every mouthful and will savour the taste and memory till next week, when we will all be back for 2nd helpings!
We are Ending the 2nd Season of our 4 Seasons so next week is time to pay the tab.

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