27th May 2015

In homage to The wonderful Chelsea flower show. Tonights blooming good game was played by 13 Brave species. 

Danialion, Gladioli-Sarita, Andreeapantha, Petanya, Snap-dragon-Shirley, Rhodadendron, Loolupin, Honey-suckle-Sian, Faddodil
Natali-Nasturium and our 3 new shoots Nicolacarnation, JenniferIris, Denali-Dahlia, 

Two teams 3 subs. There was no time to smell the flowers the game started straight after warming up drills. Gladioli-Sarita started the game by seeing Pollen and scoring for her Pink Peonies, Danialion followed close behind showing her stamen, The Peonies were wining.  
The Lavenders were wandering all over the place, grabbing the ball as and when they could. 
The Peonies were too strong, Snow dropping the ball into the net, again and again. 
Gardener Delroy mixed up the potted plants and the teams started again. Like sweet peas in a pod the Lavenders scored.
No Longer tiptoe’ing through the tulips they Seized The Daisies and stuck their thorns in. Hanging one basket after another. 
2 jamm’ed fingers later and the teams changed again. 
The Peonies gathered no moss and were off in the breeze. Mow’in the lawn as they ran down the garden, leading the way to a bed of floral delights and potting the hanging baskets.
The Lavenders bowed their heads to the sun feeling Hollyhocked. Flower powered out!  
Proving if you don’t smell the Roses they grow on you!’
The Bluebell rang at 8 o’clock. Sadly the game was over. 
Can’t wait to C U  All Next Week
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