13 may 2015

Foot Solider Ollie. Sporting BADABing pink!


Tonights VE day celebrations saw Louise Rikki, Rhonda, Sarita, Feddi V Malinda, Shirley, Andreea, Nancy, Tanya and Dania.

11 players. Black and Blue team with one sub

Chelsea Pensioner Louise brought the ball down for her team the Navy. Wren Rikki passed the ball on to Sailor Feddi who without fail passed the ball to Admiral Sarita and between them all another basket was made.
Our ship sailed to ‘freedom ‘oh how we danced with jazz hands backwards down the court celebrating our Victory! ‘
But the war had just began not ended, the Military lead by squadron leader Dania and her ground troops, fought a tight retaliation battle. Dania holding the ball like a grenade pulled the hook and a lay up was born!
The Army was in position, Many moves were foiled by sea Captain Rhonda and Admiral Sarita who held her sea legs on the rebound front. Dania passed the ball to bad foot Solider Malinda, who used her usual skills as a sniper, to shot a basket or 2! Welcome back Malinda you have not lost your aim!  Andrea bombarded the key with her shooting skills and soft landing bunkers. Civilians Tanya and Nancy rejoiced and sang with the crowd as Lieutenant Shirley made a basket to remember! Like a red arrow flypass. It was swift, sleek, smooth action through the net, leaving only a vapour behind.
The War was now over. Prime Minister Delroy Churchill blew the whistle.
It was a terrific night of fun sweat and rejoicing.
Who knows the next generation of Bings could be celebrating this game in 70 years time!
Hip hip Hooray!
Can’t wait to see you all next week for even more fun.


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