27th May 2015

In homage to The wonderful Chelsea flower show. Tonights blooming good game was played by 13 Brave species. 

Danialion, Gladioli-Sarita, Andreeapantha, Petanya, Snap-dragon-Shirley, Rhodadendron, Loolupin, Honey-suckle-Sian, Faddodil
Natali-Nasturium and our 3 new shoots Nicolacarnation, JenniferIris, Denali-Dahlia, 

Two teams 3 subs. There was no time to smell the flowers the game started straight after warming up drills. Gladioli-Sarita started the game by seeing Pollen and scoring for her Pink Peonies, Danialion followed close behind showing her stamen, The Peonies were wining.  
The Lavenders were wandering all over the place, grabbing the ball as and when they could. 
The Peonies were too strong, Snow dropping the ball into the net, again and again. 
Gardener Delroy mixed up the potted plants and the teams started again. Like sweet peas in a pod the Lavenders scored.
No Longer tiptoe’ing through the tulips they Seized The Daisies and stuck their thorns in. Hanging one basket after another. 
2 jamm’ed fingers later and the teams changed again. 
The Peonies gathered no moss and were off in the breeze. Mow’in the lawn as they ran down the garden, leading the way to a bed of floral delights and potting the hanging baskets.
The Lavenders bowed their heads to the sun feeling Hollyhocked. Flower powered out!  
Proving if you don’t smell the Roses they grow on you!’
The Bluebell rang at 8 o’clock. Sadly the game was over. 
Can’t wait to C U  All Next Week
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20 May 2015

Tonights 2 teams. 10 players. The Blue Cornish Crabs and the Pink Fresh-water Lobsters.

In the blue crab team Dania, Marta, Natalie, Shirley and Andrea. The Pinks Lobsters were Louise, Sarita, Sian, Feddi and Tanya.
It was a terrific night for both teams. Fast and Natty.
Lobster Feddi and Sarita started the game off with a 2 man team, passing the ball from claw to claw. Using their pincers to get the basket.
Sian impressed us all with her wide skilled lob’ed baskets.
On the blue Crab team, Marta set the scene with sideways passing. The ball from Dania to Natalie to Shirley, to Andrea to crab-dunk-Marta and another basket was made.
Dania’s soft shell got a ball on the side. Louise’s Lobster eyes obviously aimed badly. Sorry Dania. This ball didn’t seem to dent her shell as she then lead her crabs to victory undeterred.
The lobsters started to boil and upped their game, the tide changed. Sarita catching the crabs rebounds, passing down the court to a very fast Feddi, then to Tanya and then back to Sarita netting a point every time.
It sure was a Salmon enchanted evening!
Thanks Delroy for being our bream coach.
Sea you all next whelk.
Thank you all for your subs! Us shellfish will be able to play again for another season!

13 may 2015

Foot Solider Ollie. Sporting BADABing pink!


Tonights VE day celebrations saw Louise Rikki, Rhonda, Sarita, Feddi V Malinda, Shirley, Andreea, Nancy, Tanya and Dania.

11 players. Black and Blue team with one sub

Chelsea Pensioner Louise brought the ball down for her team the Navy. Wren Rikki passed the ball on to Sailor Feddi who without fail passed the ball to Admiral Sarita and between them all another basket was made.
Our ship sailed to ‘freedom ‘oh how we danced with jazz hands backwards down the court celebrating our Victory! ‘
But the war had just began not ended, the Military lead by squadron leader Dania and her ground troops, fought a tight retaliation battle. Dania holding the ball like a grenade pulled the hook and a lay up was born!
The Army was in position, Many moves were foiled by sea Captain Rhonda and Admiral Sarita who held her sea legs on the rebound front. Dania passed the ball to bad foot Solider Malinda, who used her usual skills as a sniper, to shot a basket or 2! Welcome back Malinda you have not lost your aim!  Andrea bombarded the key with her shooting skills and soft landing bunkers. Civilians Tanya and Nancy rejoiced and sang with the crowd as Lieutenant Shirley made a basket to remember! Like a red arrow flypass. It was swift, sleek, smooth action through the net, leaving only a vapour behind.
The War was now over. Prime Minister Delroy Churchill blew the whistle.
It was a terrific night of fun sweat and rejoicing.
Who knows the next generation of Bings could be celebrating this game in 70 years time!
Hip hip Hooray!
Can’t wait to see you all next week for even more fun.


6th May 2015

Tonights big Pizza Pie was made up of Louise, Rikki, Feddi, Sarita, Delerina, verses Rhonda, Nancy, Sally, Shirley and Sian.

Sian was the Cheese topping for the pinks, her stretchy fingers tossed the ball in the basket like it were a little olive! more than once (around 6 times I would say but who’s counting)
While Feddi’s thin tasty base ran over the whole Margarita. Sarita however our buffalo mozzarella for the blacks took control of the Giardiniera. Running down the side orders, till her meatballs were in the net.
Our Hot American Rhonda was the stable diet for the pinks holding back her antipasto till needed. Or was Delerina cramping her red pepper?
I felt a little bit of a dough ball, giving the ball away to her on more than one occasion.
Nancy was the hidden spice, the jalapeno appearing on the plate when you least expected while feeding Shirley the Arrabbiata to shoot. Rikki the Carbonara of the evening added fresh parsley to the game, She was organic!
Sally was marking me nonstop, all over me like the tomato sauce salsa’ring left right and centre….And not forgetting Delerina, the only Pepperoni on the court! Which we did forget, wearing red on a black team is never a good idea.
I enjoyed every mouthful and will savour the taste and memory till next week, when we will all be back for 2nd helpings!
We are Ending the 2nd Season of our 4 Seasons so next week is time to pay the tab.