25th March 2015

Dania (Glitter) Louise (empty), Nancy (little), Fedi (bouncy) Tania (new) made The team blue tits) verses Sarita, (Top) Shirley (humming), Olly (black) Rikki (northern) and Delroy (ladyboy) made up the Black birds.

The Bluebirds V Blackbirds in tonight’s fantastic game of basketball. It was a equal game of 5 aside, Then 4 aside as Rikki Black bird had a groin injury. After some stretches, She was back and we were back to 5 aside.  Bouncy Fed made us blue tits proud making some wide baskets. Tania gave us tits great defence and some wild throws. Dania was the Top Blue Glitter tit until she was moved to the black-side, by Del just to confuse us! Del swopped sides too which confused everyone again. I am pleased to say he broke a little more than a sweat.

Shirley got some corkers in the nest and to my surprise so did I.
We all left hot and sweaty with ruffled feathers as the hour flew past far too quickly.
C U All next Wednesday


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