25th February 2015

A triple Night of Birthday Love and Injury.

Sarita (twisted ankle) Louise, Sian, Fedi, Nancy verse Andreea, Sally, Rhonda, Shirley and Dania (a star seeing bang on the nut).
The two teams, wearing Pink and Blue. The Blue Bibs really worked for me. Seemed to stand out more than the black bibs.
We the Blues, sang the blues as for the first 30 minutes as we got our arses whipped by the Pinks! Then liked magic, the Pinks turned PINK as the Blues came back with vengeance.
Eat Cake you Pinks and they did as Rhonda made the most amazing basketball cake and margarita’s for Dania’s 50th. Which we all more than enjoyed. I am still hi! Way hay!
Tonight we celebrated Dania’s 50th Birthday, Rhonda 49th and Sian’s 53rd
Thanks Rhonda you multi talented girl. Mother, Cake-maker, basket-maker and cocktail portable barwomen-extraordinaire!
For Rhonda’s birthday she received a signed print from Magnus Irvin (5/25) Night Nurse. For duties over the years for being a founder of the BADBings. Sian’s gift is still to come.
We used to play for the over 30’s Basketball team. In 5 years time we might be playing for the over 50’s!
(Those that want to put in, please give me your back handers next week.)
Looking forward to playing another game of birthday free basketball with you all again next week!
C U next Wednesday!

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18th February 2015

Tonights 5 aside game was full of love admiration and trillions of colourful baskets! With 2 even teams. Plenty of good space passing.

Marta, lead the pink team of Louise, Nancy, Shirley, Fedi. The black team Olly, Sarita, Rhonda Andreea and Dania.
Love was in the air as we played a warm friendly game of non contact sport.
There was some contact as Rhonda and Sarita hugged as they collided for the ball, they both missed the ball but caught each other instead. A Delightful moment of loving slow motion warm care.
It was a wonderful evening of basketball fun. There was no fighting, no screaming and no injuries.
We were tough but kind to each other!
Thank you Girls! It was lovely! I love you all with my rosie coloured glasses.
Welcome back to basketball Olly! You have not lost your Matador touch! You too Fedi good to have you back after your christmas break.
C U all next week to do it all again,


11th February 2014

Tonights game was played by Marta, Dania, Sarita, Rhonda, Sian, Louise, Sally, Shirley, Andreea.

Tonight I played basketball with a Locomotive, a speeding train, a juggernaut ,a tippertruck and the batmobile!
It was a tough game that caused me to have a hissy fit. I apologise to all motor vehicles that stopped my play. and hope that next week I too will be unstoppable!
looking forward to it you mad obsessives!
C U next Wednesday for more
Love QT
Sian’s sneaky secret to slam dunking!

IMG_9685 photo 1

4th February 2015

2 teams, Nancy, Louise and Dania verses Rhonda, Shirley and Andrea

The Inyourfacers wore Pink and excelled themselves with nifty passing and rebounding. Nancy being in the right place every time, her defence amazing, getting in the way of passing balls from the Behinders. Not to mention the stupendous strikes from Dania, who Shoot from the hip and up from Behind.
Talking about Behinds the Rump (For those newcomers Rhonda) used her behind with great skill. Like the sun blocking the moon causing a blinding eclipse effect. Meanwhile Shirley and Andrea like true Scousers bantered throughout the game about the game. This time it was their behinds that they were talking from. Coach Del gave them 3 verbal warnings then stopped the game to shut them up! The Spoil sport!
I enjoyed all the behinds the verbal and the blocking. We love you bums!
Bloody great fun! Wished we had played till the end.
Lets do it all again Next week!
QT x