18th December 2014

Tonights last of basketball 2014 was a Nativity play played by 3 aside.

Louise (baby Jesus) Sian (Mary) Dania (Joseph) verses Andreea (all 3 Kings) Shirley (The Shepherd) and Natalie (Herald Angel)
The Inn Keeper Del started the game, giving us a court as there was no room at the Inn. (NO cocktails tonight as Innkeeper Rhonda couldn’t make it)
Happy King Andreea was first in the stable, holding her Frankinnonsense to the north, Keeping her Muir concealed on the east side. While Shirley the Shepherdess from st Johns wood brought her sheep to the court grazing outside the Key making magical baskets.
The Angel Natalie was blinded by the star and was unable to see her team mates but was still able to get them in!. While Mary and Joseph took control making accurate baskets with ease.
“Snooze you loose” said Mary As she got her rebounds again and again.
The black team brought out the angry King Andreea holding her golden elbow facing south, awakening the baby Jesus from his sleep by hitting her on the forehead. Jesus a miracle, a basket was made!
Joseph sat out as the Angel whacked her in the breast. Twice and thrice the breast was hurt again, this time it did not disturb Joseph who had becomes harden by the foul. Aware of a bruise for the morning. said ‘Bring it on’
The Muir King Laugh. The Star shone brightly over the Baby Jesus and the baby Jesus surprised herself by making another basket.
Joseph retaliated with more magnificent manoeuvres in the dark. while Mary rebounded and scored against all odds.
The Shepherd agreed and passed to the King, The Angel took the ball and we all saw the light!
The innkeeper thrilled with his Christmas gifts said thank you to all
Christmas is here, no more basketball till the new year 2015!
Happy holidays and new year to you all sang the herald Angel. Natalie, see you in the new year
Love QT
Basketball starts again 7th January see you all then for more fun and follicks!

10 December 2014

Tonight we had a Absolute highball! Playing a old fashion game of cosmopolitain basketball with a twist.

Bloody Mary we had 10 at last!
Fedi, Louise, Sian, Andreea, Shirley, Rhonda, Dania, Nancy, Natalie and Del.
It was a dry dirty Martini of a game with 10 cocktails. With Margarita’s at half time. Thank you Rhonda you are truly a Manhattan, though the coach didn’t advocate this behaviour. (we should always have a snowball at Christmas!)
Andreea gave us a few special Pina coladas. Sian surprised us with her Tequila Sunrises. Dania giving us the gin and tonic of a Harvey wall banger putting the blacks on even Kir royal. The bucks fizz was high as Dania and Rhonda schnapps the ball to Victory. Natalie arrived late but soon got into the Cuba libra adding more coke as she ran.
Shirley caipirinha’ed the ball, leaving the blacks well Pisco soured. While Fedi was fast she got hit in the dry vermouth, Nancy’s defence was as tight as a long Island tea. leaving me like a Zombie, but i managed to get 5 Bellini’s in before the end of the game! That was a Mojito record for me.
We all left sangria’ed and happy, feeling sloe gin’ned till next week when we can whisky it all again,


3rd December 2014

AnDreea, Louise, Nancy, Shirley, Rhonda, Fedi and Natalie.
Tonights Game was all about the D! 
D for Defence, D for Dean Martin, D for Del, D for Death Charge and D for Dunce! 
We were all bit slow off the mark but slowly got there. While D’ing I got a little bashed but so did we all.
RhonDa was on fire, AnDreea made her usual cocky baskets, Shirley’s so Shirley, Nancy was in the right place but FeDi was faster, I was D for distant and Natalie was Natalie! 
Due to lack of Drinking attenDance we are aiming to go on the 10th December so make sure you can make it next week, 
So looking forward to Doing it all again and going for a Drink!
C U all Next WeDesday