2nd July 2014

Tonights Bings were Andreea 8, Louise 30, Dania 15, Lisa, Shirley 6, Malinda 55, Fedi and Natalie.

Coach Maia, took us through major defence and attack drills. Which moved our game leaps and rebounds.
First we played half Court. Then when warmed up, full court.
On the black team Fedi showed her interception skills while Natalie showed that it was possible to run and look the wrong way but still make the most incredible basket.
On the pink team Lisa took position of fearless rebounder directly under the basket while Dania reclaimed her old nickname ‘the Bullet’
We all left red faced, hot, sweaty and smelly. Again a Bloody brilliant evening.
Thank you again Coach Maia for making it SO GREAT! 
Fed, Natalie and Lisa please remind me your numbers.


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