18th December 2013

Last game of the Year. next Game 8th January

There were 10 of us – with a surprise new addition with major spring in her step – welcome Fadilla

and then there were 11 – as Gillian braved the elements to help the Pinks to hold their own against the mighty Blacks.
Everyone was in a festive mood, and there were no temper tantrums, even from the littler elves.
There were Secret Santas and a surprise bit of bling from Lou – disco balls – thanks Lou !!
Katerina, Natalie+7 month bump made it to the Waterway as well as the hardened drinkers Marta, Sarita, Sian, Malinda, Maia and Sally and Shirley. Never knew Secret Santa could be so much fun – we played the Spanish version where you get to covet thy neibour’s pressie, which brought out the best in us.

11th December 2013

Tonights Picnic consisted of 2 sandwiches one filled with Louise, one filled with Shirley, one ripe red Tomato (Sally) a pack of Cheese strings (Sian) one piece of fast-food (Nicole) a lightly seasoned chop with herbs and spices (Sarita) 1 tall latte (Marta) and a Flat white (Katerina) and one cheeky chicken leg (Andreea)

All in all a very tasty feisty team of 9!
The evening started with crossing drills which to all our surprise we actually used this technique in the game.
What a game it was! The ball was here, it was there, they were winning, then we were wining! We are Winners!
I made a corker of a basket, which Sally said was SKILL! I would say it came from years of experience of missing!
Andreea too gave the black team a corker. Sally and Sarita made their fair share. For the Pinks, Sian and Shirley and Marta and Katerina all excelled themselves with baskets!
C U N Wednesday
Quick reminder about next week being after play christmas drinks and nibbles and the last game of the year. All at the waterfront Maida vale.
The next time we are back is the 8th January. (As Christmas and new year both land on a Wednesday, so 2 weeks off)

4th December 2013

Tonights Twelve consisted of
Maia, Sally, Sarita, Dania, Malinda and Lisa Verses Louise, Sivan, Kitty, Nicole, Shirley, Nancy,
The tall black Trolls verses the pretty pink Dwarfs!
The Trolls were winning using their height and strength while the Dwarfs tried to use their cunning and clever wit. Unfortunately they ran out of clever wit and were slaughtered by the taller stronger team.
Shirley Dwarf lost heart and with all her pinkness prayed to the God Del for a more even taller team next week.  I hope the spider armed God heard her plea.
I had a ball bang on the nose, one against the jaw and a further one to the temple and that was from my own pretty pink team! (otherwise you would have heard about it!)
Dania and I managed to bang bosoms which was very soft and comfy. I recommend if a collision is on the cards its a good way to go!
Kitty made a amazing basket and so did Sarita. Nicole was so fast and Sally was a excellent rebounder. Maia Left without breaking a sweat! Where as Dania, pink-red and shaking with exhaustion! Sarita on the other hand like Maia left cool as a cucumber without a eyelash out of place.
How was the game for you?
C U N Wednesday to do it all again.
Come next week to get your secret santa name ready for the week afters bing xmas night out after play.